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Year 5 Weekly News 30.06.23

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This week, we have been able to do some extra special activities which we don't normally get the chance to do.

First of all, Monday kicked off with a buzz as we welcomed two visitors from Shavington High School. Their D.T. teacher, Mr. Bourne, came to visit, and he wowed us with a vacuum former. This was a crucial part of our afternoon activity as we dived into the world of design by crafting our own unique tiles. To bring our ideas to life, we started by drawing a 2D design. Then, using playdough, we turned our designs into a 3D model. It required meticulous precision. After that, it was time to use the vacuum former. The highlight was watching our creations undergo a mesmerizing transformation as the vacuum former turned our designs into sleek plastic moulds. Finally, we added colour to our plastic moulds using pens. It was a hands-on experience that ignited our imagination and showcased the wonders of technology.

But that's not all! We also had the incredible opportunity to assist the preschool children in preparing for their upcoming sports day. We became their cheerleaders, motivating them as they practiced their races with determination and joy. We took on the role of equipment organizers, ensuring everything was in place for a seamless event. The pride that swelled within us as we witnessed their progress and beaming smiles was simply indescribable. It was a heartwarming reminder of the power of support and teamwork.

For our reading lessons this week, we delved back into the captivating book 'My Name Is River'. Our focus was on honing our comprehension skills, exploring authorial intent, and empathizing with the main character. We dissected the text, deciphering its deeper meanings and immersing ourselves in the narrative. It was an adventure that expanded our literary horizons and made us more empathetic readers.

Maths took us on a mathematical journey, covering a range of fascinating topics. We revisited grids and coordinates, mastering their intricacies; we had to remember that it was important to read the x axis and then the y axis. Building on this knowledge, we learnt about translation, a skill that required precision and spatial reasoning. It simply means moving something from one point on a grid to another. We realised that as long as we are methodical, we can do it. Towards the end of the week, we delved into a new unit on measurements where we began by converting meters into kilometres and vice versa. We have certainly done a lot in maths this week.

The world of computing continued to be a playground of creativity and logic. Armed with our coding prowess, we embarked on exciting challenges. Our task was to write algorithms that guided a digital bee on a honey-collecting mission. It required perseverance, patience, and the ability to think step-by-step. We dived into nested loops again, pushing the boundaries of our coding abilities. It was lovely to see you working together to come up with ways to solve the problems. I am very proud of you.

In our history lesson, we went back in time to the enchanting realm of the ancient Maya civilization. In this week's lesson, we marvelled at their remarkable writing system, delving into the intricacies of hieroglyphs and glyphs. We even had a go at making our own. During the lesson, we also engaged in captivating discussions about the similarities and differences between the Maya writing system and our own. Unveiling the mysteries of their written language deepened our appreciation for their rich cultural heritage and ignited a curiosity to learn more.

In Study Work, we continued crafting our John Muir page. We dedicated ourselves to designing captivating borders that mirrored the beauty of nature. Our pens danced across the pages as we brought John Muir's story to life, showcasing his tireless efforts in environmental conservation. We also continued documenting our experiences in nature during our John Muir award sessions by completing our booklets.

P.E. had us bouncing with energy as we embarked on another thrilling session with Sportscape. This time, we engaged in the classic game of rounders, honing our hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills. The crack of the bat, the cheers of our teammates, and the adrenaline rush of running the bases filled the air with excitement. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our sporting prowess and embrace the spirit of friendly competition. And let's not forget our regular P.E. lesson with the Mrs. Jenkins, where we engaged in various activities that kept us active and energized.

For our art lesson, we unleashed our inner artists and took our creativity to new heights. Armed with our knowledge of shades and tints, we embarked on a mesmerizing journey of adding paint to the flowers we had skillfully drawn in a previous lesson. With careful brushstrokes and a keen eye for detail, we brought our floral masterpieces to life. By layering different shades and tints, we captured the nuances of light and shadow, adding depth and vibrancy to our artwork. The finished paintings look fantastic. Well done, everyone.

In music, we continued practising our recorder skills. We recapped playing the notes we learnt last week, and then moved into to learning to new

Thank you for another wonderful week. I hope you have a great weekend,

Miss Pennance

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