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Year 5 Weekly News 23.06.23

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We started our week off by heading down to the moss for the last session of our John Muir award. As we walked around, we thought about how the moss has changed since our first visit back in March. It was definitely much greener. We also saw some creeping cranberry and some cotton grass which we didn't see before. We have loved our John Muir adventures. It has been so wonderful being able to learn about and help conserve a beautiful natural environment which is right on our doorstep. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Tibbetts and the Natural England team for giving us the chance to take part in the John Muir award. We are going to be arranging a sharing session within the next couple of weeks to tell you all about what we have done.

English was a whirlwind of creativity and expression this week! We wrapped up our shared writes about the captivating Amazon rainforest, and boy, did we impress with our use of fancy tools like parentheses in our writing. We also embarked on an exciting journey of independent writing, where we gathered fascinating facts and meticulously planned our individual pieces on a biome of our choice. Finally, on Friday, we brought all our skills and knowledge together to create our own unique masterpieces.

In maths, we put our reasoning hats on and tackled the intricacies of parallel and perpendicular lines. We refreshed our memory on polygons and sharpened our ability to distinguish regular and irregular polygons. The excitement didn't stop there as we dived into the captivating world of 3D shapes! To top it off, we ventured into the realm of volume, the space inside these fascinating shapes, and we made and drew 3D shapes to help us understand this.

P.E. was an absolute blast, as always! Our regular lessons with Mrs. Jenkins and Sportscape brought out our inner athletes, but we also had the extra treat of an additional P.E. session during because this week was sports week. A third session of the week focused on rugby. We had a blast learning rugby skill from Archie's dad in Year 3. Talk about teamwork and active fun!

In study work, we let our creative juices flow as we crafted and created new pages to showcase our knowledge and skills.

In R.E we continued learning about the Holy Spirit. We were introduced us to the concept of Christian confirmation, and we delved into deep discussions about this important celebration and pondered the significant role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians. It was a journey of faith and reflection that left us with a greater understanding of this sacred tradition.

And let's not forget about music! We continued our musical journey by learning to play the recorder. This week, we conquered the notes B and A, and even tackled the popular tune "Hot Cross Buns" using the notes B, A, and G. Our musical talents are soaring to new heights!

In Art, we learnt about tints and hues. We chose a colour of a our choice and added white to great the tint and black to create the hue. 

In History, we continued learning about the ancient Maya civilisation. We used atlases and maps to find where this civilisation used to call home. Next, we looked at how the artefacts they left behind can give information about this fascinating group of people.

What a week filled with exploration, creativity, and growth! I hope you have a great weekend,

Miss Pennance

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