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Year 5 Weekly News 14.07.23

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I can't believe that we have had our final week together and that there are only four days of Year 5 left. Where has the year gone? It's flown by and so has this week.

This week, we started our lessons off with maths. We continued learning about units of measure. We focused on imperial units of measure this week. Towards the end of the week, we started looking at time. We recapped everything we knew, and then began learning about timetables.

We have also had our RSE lessons. In our lessons, we learnt about puberty and how our bodies are going to change physically and emotionally. We talked about the importance of hygiene and that it is important to remember we are all different, so the way we experience puberty may be different to the way someone else does and this is ok. The questions you asked and the contributions you made were fantastic. I am so impressed with how sensible you all were. Well done, Year 5.

D.T was another topic we focused on this week. After taste testing last week, it was time to get cooking. We used the bridge cut and the claw cut to make our own guacamole and salsa. In pairs, you listened carefully to the instructions and followed the recipe. Once made, we created our nachos and had a feast. Lots of you tried your culinary creations and lots of people talked about how they would cut things smaller next time and maybe also use a little less lime.

In Art, we finished our unit on Georgia O'Keeffe by finishing the painting of our own flowers. You used acrylic and then this week you added detail with oil pastels. They are so beautiful that we will be using them for our Study Work Book front covers.

Throughout the week, we have also been focusing on study work during our afternoon sessions. We have been busy completing the final pages of our books ready for them to be taken home next Thursday. They are looking beautiful, and I'm sure everyone at home can't wait to see all of the wonderful work inside them.

In history, we continued learning about the Ancient Maya civilisation. In this lesson, we learnt that they used to play a game which is very similar to the football we play today! Using the historical skills of comparing and contrasting, we identified the similarities and differences between the too.

In R.E, we learnt about the ministry of Paul. We learnt about his story, and we discussed how the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life changed him. We then used drama to explore Paul's feelings and why he decided to follow in Jesus's footsteps.

Finally, this week we celebrated completing our John Muir Award. We celebrated by sharing all the wonderful things we have done with friends and family. We started by sharing who John Muir was, and why the John Muir Award is important. We explained that we went to our local moss and shared an array of pictures to show case what we had done. You all spoke clearly, and I am very proud of you all.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend,

Miss Pennance

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