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Year 5 Weekly News 10.05.24

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Happy Friday, everybody. It's Friday which means it's time for our weekly news round up.

It was an exciting start to the week as we had the privilege of being visited by the firefighters from Crewe Fire Station. They kindly took the time to talk to us about the importance of fire safety and how to stay safe in the event of a fire. The firefighters shared valuable information on what to do and demonstrated the correct actions to take to ensure our safety. One of the highlights of the visit was experiencing the smoke tent. The firefighters explained why it is crucial to crawl when there is smoke in the air – and we could certainly see why after visiting the tent. It was a very interesting experience and exciting experience.

In our maths lessons, we have continued exploring the wonderful world of geometry. We delved into the concepts of parallel and perpendicular lines, learning how they interact and their importance in various mathematical and real-world contexts. It was fantastic to see so many of the children engaging with the topics and applying their knowledge in class activities. Moreover, we also took a deep dive into the realm of 3D shapes. We have been learning to identify and describe different 3D shapes, understanding their properties and how they relate to the world around us.

In English, we have been working hard on our writing skills, focusing on character narratives and now moving on to a new writing outcome based on Nicola Davies' 'The Promise'. This week, we have edited them to further enhance our storytelling skills. It has been wonderful to see the creativity and imagination that you have brought to your writing. It really is something you should be proud of. Our next writing project will involve crafting letters inspired by 'The Promise'. We have discussed what makes a good letter and have explored various examples to understand the structure and content required for an effective letter.

Our reading session this week have had a comprehension focus as we continued to explore the D.K Witness: Amazon book.

'Fake is a Mistake!' continued to be our PHSE focus this week. We discussed why some people hide things about themselves. We said that, often, hiding negative thoughts about ourselves can make us believe them even more and that it is best to:
- Spot it – realise what it is you're hiding.
- Reach out and share with someone you trust – a friend, a trusted adult, a parent.
- Talk about what you are feeling and ask for what you need.
Sharing the truth about how we feel with someone we trust helps us to remember that Fake is a Mistake! Bible Reference: 'God's grace is sufficient. We can be proud of our weaknesses. In our vulnerability, Christ's power shines brightest.' 2 Corinthians 12:9

We have started a French new unit this week. In our first lesson we have looked at fruit: first we discussed the singular and then the plural and asked each other "Aimes-tu les pommes au les orange?" etc We wrote our responses and worked on our pronunciation too. Many people didn't know if they liked some fruits as they hadn't tried them so they had to respond, "Je ne sais pas."

We began our music lesson with our warm-ups for Hey You! We then worked in pairs to improvise – completing the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th line. We had to complete the sentences which began with 'I'm gonna...' We finished these sentences to share information about ourselves with others. Some of us chose football, others chose their favourite foods. A few pairs performed these in front of the class and we will continue to showcase our talents next week. Great work Year 5!

The Old Testament continued to be this week's R.E lesson. This week, we focused on the stories of Deborah and Raha; we had the opportunity to dive into the details of these two remarkable women's lives. We took a closer look at the choices they had to make and considered whether those choices were the right ones based on the moral and ethical values we have been discussing in class.

In our recent computing lessons, we have been delving deeper into the exciting world of vector drawings. The children have been working hard to grasp the skills required to rotate, resize, and arrange shapes to create captivating pictures on the screen. I must applaud the enthusiasm and effort that the children have put into mastering these techniques. Their progress has been commendable, and I am proud to see how they are embracing the challenges presented to them in their computing lessons.

For wellbeing this week, we worked on finishing the question: When I'm home . . . this sparked conversation and it was wonderful to hear all the fantastic things you get up to when you are at home, and how the people at home make you feel safe and loved.

In science, we've been diving deeper into the fascinating world of separating materials. This week, we focused on learning various techniques for separating different substances. We explored methods like sieving, filtering, evaporation, and magnetism. It's amazing how each method has its own unique way of separating materials based on their properties. To put our knowledge into action, we designed and conducted experiments using these four different methods. It was so cool to see the results and understand how these techniques can be applied in real-life situations. Science is all about discovery, and we're becoming true scientists in exploring the art of separation!

I hope you have a fab weekend and that you get to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

See you on Monday,

Miss Pennance

P.S: this week you have maths.co.uk homework to complete

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