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Year 5 Weekly News

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We have had another week with a wonderful worship. This week, it was our class worship which was based around our class's courageous advocacy project... 'Save The Bees'. During our worship, you shared how wonderful bees are and how important they are. to us. Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating one third of every thing you eat? At the end, you sang a wonderful song which shared the message 'be strong and courageous' which is from the book of Joshua. You all spoke clearly and sang beautifully. Great work!

This week, we also completed another MyHappyMind lesson. In this session, we discussed the things we can do to keep our brains healthy. This includes things like: having a healthy diet, getting some fresh air and getting enough sleep. Next, we talked about the things that can be bad for our brain. Some of these things include: watching too much tv, spending too much time on our phones and not having enough sleep. Finally, you shared one thing that you could do to make your brain healthier. Try your best to see if you can achieve it this weekend.

In maths, we started a new unit. Our focus this time is 'Addition and Subtraction'. As part of lessons this week, we have been recapping column addition and subtraction. We then applied our skills to help us with some reasoning problems and some word problems. Finally, on Friday, we learnt how rounding can be used to help us estimate our answers.

In English, we have continued with our unit on warning stories. This week, we have been investigating how words and phrases can be used to express a characters feelings and actions. We also had a SPaG focus on fronted adverbials. This time, we talked about how we can use different types of fronted adverbials to add details to our story. We have also completed our 'boxing up' task too.

As well as practising for our class worship, we have also been busy doing Science, Art, RE, Heartsmart. Computing and PE in our afternoon sessions. in Science, we learnt about gravity. As part of this, we learnt about the difference between weight and mass. Mass is how much stuff something has and it is measured in grams etc whereas weight is how much force is being exerted on an item and this is measured in newtons. To enhance our investigation, we carried out an experiment using force metres. We discovered that 10 newtons acts upon every 100 grams.

In Art, we learnt how William Morris used symmetry to help him create his beautiful patterns. We then practicing creating symmetrical patterns, and we will be using this knowledge to help us design our own block printing pattern.

In R.E, we discussed how Christians believe that God speaks to them through the bible. We talked about the messages being shared in the story of Moses, and we considered how Moses would have felt. We then talked about the messages God would share with us today and whether they would be any different. You then wrote a text with a message which could be from God.

In Computing, we continued with our coding unit. We learnt how a code can sometimes have problems in it and this is called a bug. We learnt how to fix the problem and this is called debugging.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,

Miss P

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