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Year 5 Weekly News 06.10.23

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Happy Friday everybody! It has been a wonderful Friday because today we went down to church to share our Harvest Celebration Service with friends, family and the local community. We had been practising hard all week, so it was wonderful to have the chance to sharing it with you all. The service was beautiful, and many people commented on how well everybody spoke and sang. Those of you with words spoke clearly which allowed the importance of the message to be heard by all. If you didn't have words, you still played a huge role because you sang your hearts out. It sounded amazing. Well done, Year 5.

In Forest School this week, we explored the beautiful school grounds. As part of our exploration, we made predictions about how old and wide some of the school's oak, sycamore, ash and rowan trees were. Mr Hadfield then told us to work out their age without cutting any down. The secret is to measure its circumference and then divide it by two. Next, it was time for archery. We enjoyed taking aim and trying our best to hit the target. Finally, for the last part of our lesson, we built fires. We practiced using the flints and steels to create sparks and we lite a piece of cotton wool. We even got to toast a marshmallow.

In our English class, we've embarked on an exciting journey of planning our very own first-person exploration narratives. This creative process involves gathering ideas from our previous lessons and drawing inspiration from our past experiences. We've even had the opportunity to engage in some writing exercises to ignite our imaginative sparks. Additionally, we've delved into the use of dashes, discovering how they can be employed to indicate parenthesis or introduce dramatic pauses. It's an adventure in the making!

In Maths, the fascinating world of numbers continued to unfold as you delved into the realm of six-digit numbers, specifically honing your skills in the art of rounding. This week's mission involved mastering the art of rounding six-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 10,000, and even 100,000.

In our R.E, we dived into the fascinating world of the Bible Society and their remarkable efforts in translating the Bible into various languages, ensuring people worldwide can access its wisdom. This journey naturally led us to explore the rich history of the Bible's creation, and we pieced together an engaging timeline of its pivotal moments. Did you ever imagine that during the medieval era, it was unlawful to have the Bible written in English? It sounds quite unbelievable today! The Bible's journey through history is indeed filled with intriguing twists and turns.

Our Computing lesson took us on a journey through the fascinating history of the internet and the essential role that search engines play in navigating this vast digital realm. We discovered that these search engines function by meticulously indexing the words found on web pages. To better understand this process, we tried our hand at creating our own indexes. As a grand finale, we ventured into the world of search engines, putting our newfound knowledge into practice.

This week in music, we were very busy! We began by practising our Harvest Festival songs. There is just one of the songs we need to get better at. We sing it too fast and we need to slow down! Following on from our last glockenspiel lesson, we looked in more detail at the sheet music for March of the Golden Guards. We began labelling the notes and adding their beat values. We will continue with this task next week.

In Science, you embarked on an exciting adventure with your air resistance experiment. After diligently crafting an array of parachutes of varying sizes last week, the time had come to put them to the test. With your trusty partners by your side, you released the parachutes into the air, eagerly observing which one would triumph in creating the most air resistance and, as a result, descend gracefully to the ground at a leisurely pace. It was a delightful and educational experience for all involved.

In PE, the world of football remained at the forefront of our activities. We dedicated our time to honing our football skills through various drills and exercises. Among these were sessions focused on passing, shooting, and engaging in mini team games that allowed us to fine-tune our attacking-on-goal abilities. These engaging activities not only improved our individual skills but also fostered teamwork and camaraderie on the field.

In PHSE, we learnt about what it meant to have a brave heart, and what can make our hearts feel smart and safe. This included talking about looking after the hearts of others, and also looking after our own heart.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Pennance

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