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Year 5 News wc29.09.23

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We have had a wonderful week with a wonderful worship; this week, it was our class worship which was based around the fruits of the spirit. During our worship, we used the metaphor of dressing in the clothes that God gives us – the fruits of the spirit. We then focused on 'joy' and shared some of the wonderful things that make us happy. This included our fantastic Forest School sessions. At the end, we sang a wonderful song. You all spoke clearly and sang beautifully. Great work, team!

In our Forest Schools this week, we continued learning about plants. This time, we learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant. We learnt the technical terms: germination, flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal. You then drew some fantastic drawings to represent this. After that, we moved onto making bug hotels, and we considered the important things that these habitats need to have for the insects to survive. Finally, it was time for fire building and toasting marshmallows! Yummy!

In our recent Math lessons, we've been diving into the world of big numbers, specifically those up to 1 million. We've been busy comparing and ordering these numbers, learning how to tell which ones are bigger or smaller. It's been quite the mathematical adventure!

In our English class, we've been on a journey of exploration through our example text. We've carefully examined it, looking for all the special features that make it so interesting. We've discovered things like cohesive devices that hold the text together, repetition that adds emphasis, speech that brings characters to life, and some subject-specific vocabulary that's both fascinating and important. It's like being detectives, but for words!

Our reading adventure continued with DK Witness' 'The Victorians.' We delved into the fascinating world of Victorian literature, learning why books became incredibly popular during that era. It's incredible to think that classics like 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'The Jungle Book' were born in those times. Plus, we kept honing our summarizing skills, capturing the essence of entire paragraphs in just a few words.

In R.E., our exploration of the Bible continued. We engaged in a silent discussion, where we contemplated five intriguing quotes from the Bible. These quotes provided us with valuable insights into the nature of the Bible itself. Later, we gathered as a class to discuss and share our diverse perspectives.

In our Computing lessons, we delved deeper into the fascinating world of digital systems. This time, we turned our attention to the vast realm of the internet. We discovered that the internet itself operates as a digital system, receiving inputs (like your search query) and producing outputs (like the search results). To put our newfound knowledge into action, we tried our hands at writing precise instructions for conducting a search on a search engine. We quickly learned that the more precise our instructions, the better and more accurate our search results would be.

In Science, we were getting ready for a thrilling experiment all about air resistance. We got creative with some baking paper, crafting various-sized parachutes. This wasn't just arts and crafts, though! We also put on our prediction hats and made some educated guesses about which parachutes would perform the best. We can't wait for next week when we get to test them!

In our Music sessions, we've been getting into the spirit of the harvest season by practicing some delightful harvest songs. Your singing has been truly beautiful, and it's wonderful to see your enthusiasm for the upcoming Harvest worship. Keep up the great work, and your musical talents will surely shine during the performance!

In History, we continued learning about the legacy of the British Empire. We looked up the definition of legacy and learnt that it meant 'a lasting memory/impact'. After reading different sources, we learnt that the British Empire has a good and bad legacy which has impacted Britain and other countries.

In Art, we were inspired by the drawings of Vincent van Gogh's. We used viewfinders to zoom in on specific areas of his work and closely observed the intricate marks he made. It was fantastic to see you getting hands-on with recreating these techniques to create a page full of different types of mark marking.

In French, we learnt about different cities in France. We realised that they are very similar to our towns and cities.  We then learnt how to say the different names of these cities. Finally, we learnt how to ask someone where they live and how to answer it. 

In PE, we continued with our football lessons.  We practised shooting, dribbling and even had some mini games. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pennance

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