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Year 5 News 23.10.23

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In Mathematics, we continued to strengthen our rounding skills in our daily warm-up exercises. We successfully wrapped up our second unit on place value and transitioned into the realm of addition and subtraction, with a particular focus on mental calculation techniques. We embraced various mental models like the part-whole model and number lines, which provided valuable insights into solving problems efficiently.

In English, we embarked on the exciting journey of composing our first-person exploration narratives. It was heartening to see everyone's dedication to harnessing their writing skills. Your exceptional vocabulary choices, thoughtful use of parenthesis, and dramatic dashes added depth and flair to your work. Reading through your narratives was truly enjoyable, and you should be very proud of your achievements.

In our Reading sessions, we continued to refine our skimming and scanning abilities. We delved into non-fiction texts that shed light on how the Victorians spent their leisure time, skillfully extracting facts to compose informative letters.

During our Computing lessons, we delved deeper into the world of search engines and the worldwide web. We learned about the architecture of webpages and even designed our own webpages on paper, showcasing our newfound knowledge.

In Religious Education, our exploration of the Bible continued, leading us to discover that it has been translated into numerous languages. We engaged in insightful discussions about the significance of these translations, sparking beautiful ideas and reflections.

In Music, we explored the enchanting notes of "March of the Golden Guards" on our glockenspiels, mastering the art of reading and following sheet music.

Our Science lessons were marked by the anticipation of an upcoming experiment. This experiment will delve into the realm of water resistance, and we had a great time making predictions about the outcomes.

History lessons saw us delving into the closure of the British Empire, understanding that it concluded for multifaceted reasons. We transitioned into exploring the creation of the Commonwealth, where we shared our insights through the design of informative posters.

Our French session was filled with engaging counting games to reinforce our number knowledge, and we added useful classroom instructions to our linguistic repertoire. We even had fun singing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" in French too.

Art classes took inspiration from "The Grotlyn," a delightful poem, as we prepared to create visual interpretations in the form of mini books called zines. We brainstormed images and colours inspired by the poem, experimenting with tints and hues for our zine backgrounds.

While the rain prevented us from heading outdoors for PE, we made the most of our indoor session taking part in a yoga lesson.

In our Wellbeing session, we discussed the things that bring a smile to our faces and learned a new self-regulation strategy involving tensing and releasing different parts of our bodies. It's fantastic to explore these techniques for our overall well-being and self-care.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend,

Miss Pennance

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