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Year 5 News 17.11.23

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This week, we have been busy battling on TTRockstars and wearing odd socks to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week. What a busy week it has been.

For part of our maths lessons this week, we logged onto TTRockstars and battled against schools from across England to see if we could be the class and school who could get the most correct answers. You were super speedy with your correct answers and as a class you earned a fantastic score on the leader board. Out of 30,009 classes, we came 2152 which is incredible. As a school we came 443 out of 4,357. Another fantastic result. I would also like to say a big thank you to those of you who logged on at home and continued battling! You are all TTRock Stars in my eyes! For the rest of our lessons, we continued with our multiplication and division unit. So far, we have learnt about multiples, common multiples, factors and common factors. Keep up the good work!

In our Book Club sessions, we re-joined Ebenezer Scrooge in the story 'A Christmas Carol'. This time, we were using extracts from the text to help us understand what a Victorian Christmas would be like. We realised that in many ways, it would have been very similar to our own. We then considered how Scoorge's character had changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book.

In English, we have started to analyse our example text (the example text shows us what a good narrative description looks like). As part of this, we complied a lists of skills that we are going to use to help us write our own. The skills we found included things like: prefixes, expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases and much more. You did a fab job!

In our well-being time, we looked at what makes us unique. It was lovely to hear about all the wonderful things that make you you! We then told some joke as laughing is a great way to make yourself feel good. This tied in beautifully with our 'Anti-Bullying Week 'activity. For our activity, we wrote down 10 facts that are special and important about us. We then put these facts inside pictures of shoes which I know sounds a little bit strange. We did this because we had been talking about the phrase 'walking in someone else's shoes'. We discussed what this meant and why it is important to try and think about how other people are feeling when we are interacting with them. We also shared lots of lovely stories which all had important messages about how great it is to be us and how it is important to be kind and thoughtful. Our computing lesson this week also focused on Anti-Bullying as we completed our 'Safe At Schools Survey' which let us share how we felt about our school.

Our two PE lessons of the week continued to focus on Gymnastic and Hockey. In gymnastic, you learnt how to do the bridge, arch and dish move. In Hockey, we learnt about the jag tackle and combined this with the Indian dribble to play some skills-based games.

In French, we continued learning about the names of different shops and places you can find in a city, and we learnt how to say whether a place does or does not contain a building.

In RE this week, we finished our exploration into the significance of holy texts. This week, we focused on the holy texts found in Hinduism and Sikhism. For our lesson, you chose which faith you wanted to find out about, and then you created beautiful presentations to share what we had learnt.

This week in music, we practised singing the three verses, chorus and outro to our song – Sparkle in my Life. Having listened to each section, we then applied our knowledgeable skills to recreate each verse, chorus repetition, and especially the outro! This proved tricky. Extra focus is needed next week as we need to move on to incorporate playing our glockenspiels during the instrumental sections.

We also started our Geography unit this week. In this unit, we will be looking at trade. We are going to be learning about what trade means and how Britain imports and exports goods. For this lesson, we considered where our uniform comes from. This was quite surprising as we realised we are all wearing items which started their life half way around the world in places like Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and India.

Thank you for all your hard work this week, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Pennance

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