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Year 5 News 17.06.22

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We have come to the end of another week! Gosh, the time is flying. This week we have been busy with study work, science and much more.

In Maths, we have been practicing our multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. This time, we were working with decimals numbers. We had to remember that each digits moves up or down the place value chart and that we don't just add a zero on the end. The only time we need to use a zero is if we need a place holder. Finishing these lessons also meant we finished our unit on decimals. We have now moved onto learning about angles. So far, we have learnt that their are 360 degrees in a full turn. We then used this knowledge to work out how many degrees there were in a quarter turn, a half turn and a three quarter turn.

In English, we have started a new Talk4Writing unit. This unit is linked to our Geography work as we are going to be we writing about rainforests. During the week, we have been learning our model text, unpicking the key vocabulary used within it and thinking about the types of facts that can be found within each section. Next week, we will be using this knowledge to plan and write our 'Shared Write' text.

Geography was also a focus of our afternoon lessons. In Geography, we have been using the iPads to gather information about tropical rainforests. We learnt that they have four layers (or storeys) which are home to a diverse array of vegetation and wildlife. We will be creating dioramas next week as a way of embedding and sharing our knowledge with others. Don't forget to bring in anything which you think might help you create yours.

We have also done science this week and what and exciting science lesson it was. In this lesson, we were looking at irreversible changes. We learnt that these are often chemical changes which produce a new product. We carried out two science experiments to see it in action. First, we added milk to vinegar. We watched carefully as white bits started to float to the top. More and more kept appearing. After straining it, we were left with a smooth, squishy substance which everyone wanted to touch. We were very surprised to find out that we had a actually made a plastic called casein. For our second experiment, we combined bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and we watched what looked like an explosion take place.  When mixed, bicarb of soda and vinegar cause a violent reaction which create a new product – carbon dioxide. It was fascinating (but also very smelly).

In PSHE this week, we were learning to reflect on ways we can let go of negative emotion. We grouped emotions from our created list into 'sad' and 'mad.' We then chose one negative emotion from each group and wrote a strategy – to let it go. Reflecting on our previous learning helped us to complete our self-assessment. We then looked at our next unit – Fake is a Mistake. In this unit, we will be looking at being ourselves and how pretending to be someone we are not, means we would be lying. 

In P.E this week, you worked on throwing and catching skills. We started in pairs, throwing and catching the ball. We worked on adding power to our throws by using all of our bodies when throwing. We altered the distances between us and also added in other skills like throwing to the side of our partner so they needed to run to catch, picking the ball up while moving and then throwing and running and turning while throwing. Afterwards, we split into two teams, with each team spread out around the opposite two sides of a square. We all had a tennis ball and had to throw at a big ball in the middle of the square and try to move it over the opposing teams' line. Finally, we also played longball but we chose how difficult we made it by moving the target zone further away and making it smaller.

Finally, to end the week, we completed our R.E lesson.  In this lesson, we learnt about confirmation.  We shared our first thoughts about what this was.  You used the word 'confirm' to help you with your ideas and you decided that a confirmation might be someone confirming their faith. After learning what a confirmation is, we watched a video of a confirmation taking place and then worked hard to answer some probing questions.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, 

Miss P

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