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Year 5 News 16.06.23

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We started the week with our penultimate John Muir session. In this session, we carried out land surveys. Using metre rules, bamboo and string, we roped off a square metre of ground. We then took time to investigate the types of grass, flowers and insectswe could find in them. Even though we were all in the same field, each group had a very different experience as their square metres contained a verity of flora and fauna. For the second part of the session, we cooled off in the shade and created poems about the Wybumbury Moss.

This week in English, we delved even deeper into the world of explanation texts. We created a top-notch plan for our shared writing. Our plans included mind-blowing facts from our geography lessons to ensure our explanations would be super interesting. We finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and started writing. We took used subject-specific vocabulary, parentheses and using third-person pronouns.

In reading, we got our hands on an amazing book called "My Name Is River". It's like a treasure trove of adventure and emotions. We tackled comprehension activities that had us diving into the author's intentions and exploring the depths of the main character's feelings.

Maths this week was a rollercoaster ride of angles! We took on the challenge of understanding angles around a point and reflex angles. It was like trying to crack a mathematical puzzle, but we nailed it! And then, we zoomed into the fascinating world of geometry. We learnt all about parallel and perpendicular lines, like super sleuths deciphering the mysteries of shapes and patterns.

In the computing realm, we had some serious coding fun. The tasks had a Minecraft twist, which made it even more epic. The highlight was using nested loops to create mesmerizing designs and pixelated wonders. It was like becoming digital architects, shaping virtual worlds with our fingertips.

History took us on an adventure through time as we embarked on a journey to explore the Ancient Maya civilization. For this first lesson, we looked at when in history the Ancient Maya era was, and we used timelines to explore this.

In PHSE, we tackled the powerful concept of forgiveness. We dived into meaningful discussions about what forgiveness really means and why it holds such importance in our lives. We were inspired by the remarkable story of Nelson Mandela, a true symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation. We explored the Bible quote, "Love does not keep count of the bad things," which resonated deeply with us and sparked profound reflections.

P.E. was a blast as always! Mrs. Jenkins and the Sportscape crew brought the energy and enthusiasm. We engaged in various exciting games and activities that got our hearts pumping and our bodies moving. We also have a swimming superstar with us this week as one of our class family represented the school in a swimming gala. She did a fantastic job as the team won the entire competition! This is amazing!

In Art, you continued looking at the wonderful work of Georgia O’Keeffe. In this lesson, it was time to start sketching. Using viewfinders, you drew different parts of flowers. The concentration and skill on show was fantastic.

In R.E, we looked at the importance of special events. We wrote down a list of special events that we have been took and began to realise that many many of these events are also Christian celebrations such a Christmas and Christenings. We will be delving deeper into this next week as we begin to look at the role of the Holy Spirit in confirmation.

In Music,, we have begun mastering a new wood wind instrument the recorder. In this week's lesson, we learnt about the importance of finger placement. This helped us when learning to play 'Hot Cross Buns'.

In French, we continued learning about 'Les Directions'. This week saw us used our prior learning to direct our partner to a particular place on a mini road map. Using the correct instructions in French, we had to choose the correct directions, as well being able to identify where our partner wanted us to go.

We have also been busy with Study Work this week too.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody,

Miss Pennance

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