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Year 5 News 12.01.24

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Happy New Year, Y5! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. It was so lovely to see you all again and hear about all the wonderful things you have been up to.

At the very beginning of the week, we immersed ourselves in our new topic – Ancient Greece – by learning about Ancient Greek pots. We then learnt how to create our own pots by using the coil and pinch pot technique. Your creations are looking fantastic! We are now waiting for them to dry, so we can paint them and add all our details.

On Tuesday, we jumped back into formal learning and started off our week with maths. In our lessons, we've been delving into the intricate world of fractions, specifically focusing on the art of adding fractions with different denominators (to help us master this skill, we recapped our knowledge of finding equivalent fractions). It was great to see you working so hard and trying your best. Well done, team!

In English, we jumped straight back into letter writing. We explored our example text and were able to find lots of great writing features. These included: modal verbs, prefixes, parenthesis, formal tone and fronted adverbials. We then had the chance to put these skills into practice when we did some writing of our own.

In our book club sessions, we have been focusing on our comprehension skills. This week, our main focus has been on non-fiction books. We have been looking at the different layout features used by the author to attract a reader's attention. Collectively, we decided that interesting diagrams and colourful pictures were a good way to do this.

In our afternoon session, we have been busy bees. For this week's PE, we have started a new topic . . .dodgeball. You also enjoyed your first lesson with Coach James which was all about football. In Science, you continued to learn about life cycles, and in music you were introduced to your new topic which is all about learning to play the ukulele. D.T. was another one of our lessons this week. In fact, we had two D.T. lessons! In our first D.T lesson, we finished our automata toys by adding on the final decorations. This took dedication and resilience as not everything went as planned, but you preserved and your final products are something to be proud of. In our second D.T lesson, we started our new D.T project. This time, our focus is textiles. In this lesson, we investigated the use of different types of cushions. For computing this week, we continued filming our information videos. You remembered the different filming techniques and the different shots and angles you needed to use to get the best videos. Well done! I can't wait to see the finished videos! Finally, in R.E,we began our new unit. Initially, we talked about some of the most important things we have learnt either in school or at home. Then, we moved on to talking about the important lessons that Jesus teaches us in the bible.

As it is Friday, new online homework has been set. This week you have a Maths.co.uk task to complete. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Pennance

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