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Year 5 News 07.07.2023

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It's Friday again which means it must be time for another weekly news. This week seems to have flown by! It must be because we have been so busy doing so many wonderful things. For example, this week we have had Sports Day; we supported Preschool during their Sports Day; became artists; became food tasters and that is only a few of the things we have done.

As always, our days have started with maths. This week, maths took us on an exciting journey into the world of metric units of measure. We explored the different units and learned how to convert between them, unlocking the secrets of measurement. Armed with our newfound knowledge, we tackled challenging word problems, applying our skills to solve real-life scenarios.

In English, we delved into the fascinating realm of hyphens. We discovered how this punctuation mark can connect words and bring clarity to our writing. Putting our knowledge into practice, we engaged in a short burst piece of writing, incorporating hyphens to enhance our sentences and convey meaning with precision.

E-Safety was the focus of our PHSE lesson again this week. In this week's lesson, we reflected on the characteristics that make someone an upstanding digital citizen. We learnt how to recognise what cyberbullying is, and we showed ways we can promote positive digital interactions by creating a digital citizenship superhero comic strip.

In our history lesson this week, we travelled back to the world of the ancient Mayan civilization. In this lesson, we explored the intricate workings of their calendar. We marvelled at their advanced understanding of time and the celestial world, unravelling the mysteries behind their calendar system.

In D.T., our culinary skills took centre stage as we delved into the realm of food technology. We embarked on a tantalizing taste-testing adventure, sampling guacamole and salsa. With heightened senses, we evaluated the aroma, appearance, taste, and texture of these delectable treats. Opinions varied, and we eagerly anticipate next week when we'll create our very own guacamole and salsa.

Art unleashed our inner artists as we blossomed into creators of beautiful flowers. Drawing inspiration from the renowned artist Georgia O'Keeffe, we deftly blended hues and tones to bring our floral creations to life. The essence of O'Keeffe's style shone through our own masterpieces, showcasing our artistic talents and attention to detail. Our flowers are so beautiful that I think we will use them for our Study Work book front covers!

In R.E., we delved back into the topic of confirmation. Through engaging role plays and thought-provoking discussions, we explored the reasons behind this sacred sacrament and contemplated the role of the Holy Spirit during the confirmation process. We also delved deeper into the role of the Holy Spirit in the grand celebration of Pentecost during our second R.E lesson of the week.

You had your usual P.E lessons with Mrs Jenkins and Sportscape, and as usual you were a credit to the school as both teachers commented on how hard you worked and how well behaved you were. Well done, team.

Wow year 5! I am so proud of your progress in music. You are always engaged in your recorder lessons, and this week was no different. You played notes B, A, G and E. Your first lesson on playing Hot Cross Buns to a new style of music was brilliant! It was that good, Mrs Chesters came in to watch!

As we are nearing the end of the school year, we have been busy working on our Study Work books. This week, our time has been dedicated to crafting a special page to commemorate King Charles III's coronation. We poured our creativity into capturing the grandeur and significance of this historic event, using our digital-art portraits to bring our pages to life. We have also started planning our own page which will be focused on our courageous advocacy project.

Sports Day was a highlight of the week. We demonstrated our athletic prowess and team spirit. We tackled various races including: obstacle race, bean bag race, sprint, and relay. Cheering on our teammates, we showcased exceptional sportsmanship and celebrated the achievements of our peers. The sense of pride and camaraderie filled the air, making it a memorable day for all.

Additionally, we had the privilege of supporting the Preschool's Sports Day, where we cheered on the younger children as they participated in their own races. We helped set up the races and guided the younger children to their starting lines. They ran their hearts out, and we are very proud of them. I also think that our encouragement and celebration added to the joyous atmosphere because it created a sense of community and unity.

To top it all off, we were visited by Shavington High School once again, this time for an immersive Science lesson. In the lesson, we experimented with acids and alkaline; we used litmus paper to identify whether a liquid was an alkaline or an acid.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Miss Pennance

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