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Year 5 News 01.12.2023

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We have completed another week of incredible discoveries and learning. Let's dive in and see what we have been up to.

In Maths, we concluded our exploration of multiplication and division by delving into the intricacies of dividing by 10, 100, and 1000. After that, we embarked on a new chapter exploring the world of fractions and finding equivalent fractions has been our lessons' focus so far.

Within the domain of English, our narrative endeavours continued to unfold. Armed with our toolkit comprising of personification, parentheses, and expanded noun phrases, we have been crafting our stories. They have been lovely to read. You have certainly been painting a picture with your words. Well done, team. Also,I have been extremely pleased to see you have been trying hard to use joined up handwriting too!

For our Book Club sessions this week, we have been looking at a poem called ''Song of the Shirt' by Thomas Hood. In the poem, we learnt about the poignant realities of the Victorian poor.

We had our next gymnastics and hockey lessons this week. In gymnastics, we created choreographed routines, exploring various levels as we incorporated apparatus to add flair to our performances. Meanwhile, on the hockey field, we honed essential skills through engaging games which focused on dribbling, passing, and shooting.

In our French lessons, we revisited numbers 1-20, and we devised mnemonic aids to solidify our grasp of these fundamental elements of the language. C'est magnifique!

In our RE lesson this week, we revisited the biblical accounts of Jesus' birth as narrated in Matthew and Luke. Delving deeper, we explored the nuanced differences shaped by the intended audiences of these biblical books. We learnt that Matthew wrote the story to tell the Jews that Jesus came to save him whereas Luke wrote the story to explain that Jesus was coming to save everyone. Next, we investigated Christmas carols and realised they had taken inspiration from both versions of the story.

Our cinematic journey continued in Computing. We delved into the art of storyboarding, a crucial step in the video-making process. With cameras in hand, we took turns both in front of and behind the lens, mastering the techniques learned in our filming adventures so far.

In Science, our lesson was separated into two parts. Firstly, we rounded off our forces unit with an end-of-unit check. For part of the lesson, we set our sights on the animal kingdom. We recapped the defining characters of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects. We will be looking at and comparing the life cycles of these animals in the coming weeks.

In music, we are moving further into our performance in music. This week, we sang and played the glockenspiel during the instrumental section. This required us to follow the correct timings and to work as a whole team.

Biomes continued to be a fascinating subject in Geography. We revisited the concept, gaining a deeper understanding of its influence on global food production. This helped us determine where the foods we eat are grown. We learnt that many of the foods we eat are grown all over the world, and that most of them are grown in temperate forest biome because of its warm, wet climate.

For our D.T lesson, our creative minds were at work as it was time to design our automata toys. Detailed design briefs were crafted, and we selected the type of cam we wanted to use.

In our PHSE session, we navigated the tricky waters of resource allocation. Acting as councillors, we engaged in budgeting exercises, learning valuable lessons in decision-making and how budgeting is an important skill to master.

As we bid adieu to another week of learning, remember, knowledge is an endless journey. Brace yourselves for the wonders that await us in the coming weeks!

Have a fab weekend,

Miss Pennance

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