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Y5 Weekly News 22.03.24

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At the start of the week, it was our theme day! This was a very exciting day. We all dressed up in our Ancient Greek outfits. It was amazing to see all your costumes and the imaginative things you used to create them! They were extremely impressive. During the day, we learnt about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and after learning about the Olympians, we then created a set of top trump cards and played a few games with them. After break, we battled against each other in the 'Colossal Column Challenge'. We learnt about the Parthenon and then used sugar paper and masking take to create a temple structure. We tested the integrity of each temple by seeing how many books it would hold and the record was . . . 23! We enjoyed some extra play time and settled down to watch the beginning of Disney's Hercules. I would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you for dressing up and making our day so special.

This week, we have also enjoyed a visit from PC Nick. During his visit, he talked to us about the importance of road safety; we talked about the hazards that we may encounter when near roads, and we discussed that being on phones can be a hazard. This is because it is very important to be focused when we are walking as this will help us avoid dangers. Next, whilst in a car, we talked about the importance of wearing a seat belt, and finally we talked about the importance of being visible when riding a bike.

In Maths, we have been learning about percentages. We have learnt that percentages are out of 100. We used our knowledge of decimals and fractions, to compare percentages, decimals and fractions too.

In English, we have been busy writing our chronological reports! You embraced the report writing style, and it was wonderful to see you confidently using formal language and technical language. You have all done a fantastic job on this! Well done!

In our PHSE lesson this week, we talked about something unusual! We talked about transfer tattoos, and we used them as a metaphor for mistakes. We realised that if if try to cover them up it can get worse, but if we let go of it (washed the tattoos off), we can move on. We decided that the title of the lesson, "I did, not I am," means that mistakes don't make us who we are, and we shouldn't carry them around and make us feel sad or shameful or embarrassed. We should reflect on them, talk about them and then let them go because we learn from them. No matter what we do, there is always a way through. Remember, 'Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.'
1 Corinthians 13:4-5.

Continuing our lesson from last week, year 5 used their new vocabulary to create some instructions for classmates to follow.

In Science, we were captivated by the idea of day and night. This sparked our curiosity, and you asked so many amazing questions. As the lesson went on, we learnt that day means that our part of the Earth is facing towards the sun, and night means our part of the Earth is facing away from the sun! It was very interesting.

On Thursday, it was time for PE and Computing (we also finished off our Science lesson from the day before).In your PE lesson with Coach James you played tag rugby, and for computing, we continued learning about 'events', and we used this knowledge to create our own interactive games.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Pennance

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