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Welcome Back Year 5!

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Happy New Year! It was so lovely to see you all again on Wednesday, and it was lovely hearing about all the wonderful things you had been up to over the Christmas break.

During our three days together, we have been busy playing spelling games, jumping straight back into Power Maths and exploring a new topic. A new topic for this term is Ancient Greece. We talked about all the wonderful things we'll be learning about,and we also started reading our new class story which is called 'Who Let The Gods Out' by Maz Evans. If you would like to find out what we will be doing, take a look at our holistic plan which is on our class page.

Throughout the week we have been doing Power Math. In these lessons we have been learning about area. We have learnt how to calculate area using a formula, and we have use this to help us compare the area of different rectangles.In English we have been focusing on spellings. We have been playing lots of fun games to help us practice many other of our orange words. Are the games we have played have focused on word classes and sentence building. It was a fun way to start off our term.

During afternoons we have been diving into art. Our focus this term is pottery. We learned that the ancient Greeks use pottery to tell stories. We looked at a variety of different pictures for inspiration and copied down anything that caught our eye.. We noticed that people often feature on their artwork, and so we have also been learning to draw people. I have been so impressed by your dedication and determination. It was a tricky skill so well done for working so hard.

We have also done HeartSmart this week. In our lesson, we recapped what HeartSmart is and what is stands for. We then moved onto the main focus of the lesson: the difference between a boss and a leader.

We have also done history this week. Our focus was chronology. We put a number of different eras (we had previously studied In school) in chronological order. We then had to decide where we thought Ani ent Greece should go. As part of our lesson, we also discussed the importance of spacing the different periods accurately to represent the amount of time that had passed.

It was lovely to see you all again after, and I have enjoyed our first few days together. Before I wish you a happy weekend, I – and all the adults who work in Year 5 – would like to say a huge thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards and gifts. Thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Miss P

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