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Welcome Back Year 5 News 09.06.23

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Welcome back, Year 5! I can't believe it is our last half term together. The year really has been flying by. It feels like this week has flown by too because we have done so much.

In our math lessons, we delved into the fascinating world of angles. We began by recapping what acute and obtuse angles are. Next, we explored the skill of measuring angles using a protractor which allowed us to develop our ability to accurately determine the size of acute and obtuse angles. Building on this knowledge, we practiced drawing both types of angles using a protractor, refining our drawing skills. Additionally, we tackled the concept of angles around a point, mastering the technique of calculating and understanding their relationships.

In our English lessons, we embarked on an exciting new writing adventure focused on explanation texts. We kicked off the unit by diving into a captivating model text which was all about the tundra biome. Throughout the week, we honed our understanding of the unique writing techniques employed in explanation texts, such as logical sequencing and the use of informative language. Through looking at the vocabulary, we learnt about the importance of subject specific words. These are the words and phrased that add clarity and precision to our explanations.

In our spelling lessons, continued learning about the 'shus' sound which is spelt 'cious'. We were like detectives investigating how this spelling pattern can magically turn nouns into adjectives. For example, when we added "cious" to "space," it became "spacious". It was like unlocking a secret code for making words sound fancy! Hopefully, we can show off our spelling skills and use these this pattern in our writing!

In R.E., we embarked on an exciting new journey to explore the Holy Trinity. For Christians, the Holy Trinity is like an important trio consisting of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; we explored what each of these elements means to Christians. We learnt that God the Father represents the creator and caretaker of the universe, the big boss up there who watches over everything. God the Son, who is Jesus, was the earthly manifestation of God. He came down to Earth to teach us, sacrifice himself for our sins and show us the way to a better life. Finally, God the Holy Spirit is like this invisible force that guides and empowers believers. It's like having a divine best friend who helps us make good choices and gives us a spiritual boost when we need it. We realised that Holy Trinity can be a little bit of a mind-boggling concept, but it's fascinating to learn about how Christians see and understand this three-in-one God. The discussions this topic raised were lovely, and it showed how spiritual you are as a class.

In PHSE, we also began a new unit called 'Don't Hold On To What Is Wrong.' We started by refreshing our memories about forgiveness and why it's such a big deal. We came across this cool quote from 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 that goes, 'Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.' We also learned that when two people have a fallout or argument, they might be looking at the same situation but seeing it in totally different ways. That's where the saying 'two sides to every story' comes from. To dig deeper into this, we even did some drama exercises to get a better understanding. It's all about seeing things from different perspectives and finding ways to let go of what's wrong.

In Geography, the wonders of the Amazon rainforest continued to be our focus. We learnt that sometimes it isn't all wonderful though because the Amazon rainforest is under threat. The biggest threat comes from deforestation. Reasons for the deforestation of the rainforest are numerous, and include mining, cattle pasture, hardwoods, housing, agriculture, roads and medicines. It's a big deal because it has a significant impact on our environment, including the destruction of habitats and the loss of biodiversity. We discussed why it's crucial to protect the rainforest and explored various ways we can contribute to its preservation. It's all about understanding the importance of sustainable practices and taking action to ensure the future of our precious rainforests.

In Computing, we continued with our iMovie project. We learnt about transitions and adding titles.

This week, we completed two science lessons. In our first lesson, we had a blast learning about irreversible changes. We conducted some exciting experiments to explore this concept firsthand. One of the experiments we did involved mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The reaction between the two created a fizzy and bubbly effect that we found fascinating. Through these experiments, we discovered that some changes cannot be reversed and result in new substances or transformations. It was a hands-on and engaging way to understand the world of chemical reactions and the concept of irreversible changes. In our second lesson, we completed an 'Escape Room' style activity for our End of Unit check as we have finished learning all about the properties of materials and how to separate them. We had to draw upon all of the new knowledge we learnt in each lesson to help us solve clues. There were 10 clues in total, and each clue gave us a number. When combined, these numbers created a code which allowed us to escape.

 During our D.T., we continued working on our exciting automata toys which we began in the Autumn Term. In this session, we focused on adding the cams to the axels and creating the followers. It was a crucial step in bringing our toys to life! With each component carefully assembled, it's only a matter of time before our finished products are ready for showcase. Keep up the fantastic work, and soon we'll have our unique automata toys complete.

In our Art, we embarked on an exciting new unit dedicated to the renowned artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We delved into the fascinating world of O'Keeffe, learning about her life and artistic style. We had the opportunity to appraise and admire some of her breathtaking artworks. The intricate details, vibrant colours, and unique perspectives in her pieces left us inspired and in awe. As we continue our journey through this unit, we look forward to exploring and creating our own masterpieces, drawing inspiration from the remarkable artistry of Georgia O'Keeffe.

For our music lessons his half-term, we will be continuing to learn how to play the recorder. This week's lesson was about recapping notes B, A and G. We discussed the basic rules. These were – to blow warm, slow air; have the correct posture; to cover the tone holes up correctly as leaks equals squeaks and to think of 'two, not who' when playing. We did so well. Our previous learning came flooding back to us!

You enjoyed your PE lessons with Sportscape and Mrs Jenkins this week, and in your French lesson with Miss Holland you learnt about different directions.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Pennance

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