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Welcome back to the summer term at school! It has been a joy to see the enthusiasm and creativity you have brought to our classrooms this week as we dived into new learning experiences together and finished off some of our units from last term.

We had an exciting start to the week with our next John Muir session. For this session, Mrs Tibbetts came into school and told us all about barn owls. Did you know that Wybunbury Moss is home to barn owls? We then found out that owls produce something called an owl pallet. Initially, we found the idea a little unsavoury but once we started dissecting them our 'ews' were soon turned into 'wows' as we found all manner of interesting things inside them.

In Maths, we have been exploring the concepts of perimeter and the area of rectilinear shapes. . We have learnt how to calculate area of a rectangle using a formula, and we have used this to help us compare the area of different rectangles. It has been wonderful to see you engage with these mathematical ideas and apply them to real-world problems.

In English, we have embarked on a new unit centred around the enchanting storybook 'The Promise'. Through drama activities, we have delved into the initial pages of the book, allowing you to bring the story to life in your own unique ways. Furthermore, you have been crafting beautiful poetry inspired by your readings so far. As well as exploring the book, we have been focusing on spellings too. In our spelling lessons have been focusing on the 'ei' sound and the rules of doubling consonants in single-syllable words when adding a suffix.

In PHSE this week. we have discussed what bullying is, how it is behaviour that repeatedly hurts another person on the inside or the outside. We talked about the four main types of bullying and what types of behaviours would come under these types. After sorting the behaviours into the groups we thought they went into, we discussed ways of dealing with bullying: telling a trusted adult, removing yourself from situations, keeping a record of bullying you are experiencing to pass on to a trusted adult and most importantly remembering that you should never blame yourself if you get bullied. This reminded us of the words 'Love does not count up the wrongs that have been done.' from1 Corinthians 13:4-5.

In French, we used our prior knowledge of places and directions to ask for (pour le magasin, s'il vous plait?) and give directions (Bien sur! C'est la troisieme a gauche). Next week we will do more work on this as we are not yet confident enough to move on.

To begin our music task for this half-term, we learnt what improvisation means in music terms. We know we may need to be spontaneous and create something without being prepared. Our warm-up to a Hey You! Song saw us copy-back rhythms, sing rhythms, warm up our bodies and voices and most of all have fun! Within this warm-up, Miss Holland had to improvise by clapping rhythms for us to copy back. She caught us off guard by not clapping (modelling a break). A few of us were caught out as we clapped a rhythm when one was not made. Our final task was to create word banks on our whiteboards about what being part of our year 5 class means to us. These ideas will be used for next week's lesson.

In Religious Education, we have channelled our creativity into creating stunning artwork reflecting the celebrations of Christians during Jesus' death and resurrection. Your artistic expressions are truly commendable.

In our Geography lessons, we have been learnt about the UK. Understanding the distinctions between the British Isles, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain is crucial. It has been wonderful to see you using maps to identify where we live, including our region and county.

In Art, we have embarked on the final project of our 'Typography' unit. You have impressed me with your creativity in drawing maps of imagined islands and experimenting with various typography styles when labeling the different places.

We have also dedicated time to focus on our well-being, reflecting on our favourite places and what brings us joy.

I am delighted to see how hard you have worked in our lessons this week. Let's continue to work hard, support each other, and make the most of this summer term together.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Pennance

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