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Happy Easter Year 5

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Happy Easter Year 5!

We have come to the end of another week, and we have also come to the end of our second term together. This term seems to have flown by! We have done so much.

This week, we walked down to St Chad's church in the village to share the message of Easter with our friends and family. Your singing was beautiful and the meaning of the story came across loud and clear throughout. Well done, Year 5. This tied in beautifully with our RE lessons, as we have been learning about why Christians believe Easter is a time of celebration and victory. In this week's lesson, we explored artwork that shares this idea, and we have begun designing our own pieces of artwork which we will finish when we return from our Easter break.

As well as RE, we have also enjoyed our Science lessons. This week, we have finished off our Science unit – about the Earth, Moon and the Solar System – by learning about the phases of the moon. This raised lots of interesting questions as we were intrigued to learn that the moon rotates, orbits the Earth and reflects the Sun's light. There were also lots of new and interesting words to learn too such as 'waxing gibbous' and 'wanning crescent'. This was our last lesson of the unit, so to show what we know we gathered all our knowledge together in the form of a mind map (you added beautiful diagrams and drawings to your work too).

This week, we have also come to the end of our history topic where we have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks. In all of our lessons, we have been thinking about how element of our modern lives are linked to those from Ancient Greeks. We have learnt that things like schools, the alphabet, certain words, democracy and much more all have links to Ancient Greece. In particular, this week, we looked at the Olympics. We learnt that there are similarities and differences between the modern Olympics and the Ancient Greek Olympics.

We have also been busy sewing our cushions too. Even though they aren't finished just yet, it has been great to see you using your knowledge of blanket stitch to create them. Keep up the good work, team!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, and I look forward to seeing you all when we return on Monday 15th March.

Happy Easter Year 5,

Miss Pennance

P.S: On Monday 15th March, we have our next John Muir session, but this is in school so you will not need any of your John Muir clothes or shoes.

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