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Year 4 Weekly News 7.6.24

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In English, we have been diary writers, actors and planning detectives. Using our Journey story we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Mum. In our lesson on Tuesday, we explored the writer's knowledge used within the text finding examples of all of these. In our lesson on Wednesday, we wrote setting descriptions to support our writing of our stories. The images within the story allowed us to look at the plot of the story very closely. We looked carefully at what the character might see, feel and say to give us a structure to help plan our own Journey stories.

Telling the time, problem solving, digital and analogue clocks have all featured in our Maths lessons this week. Telling the time and converting times involves lots of skills, and we have worked hard to practise our fluency this week.

As readers, we have have spent time reading aloud.

It has been exciting to begin preparations for our theme day next Monday. In our DT lessons, we have learnt about what foods are traditionally eaten in China, what makes up a healthy meal and catergorising food into foods that are reared, grown, caught and processed.

In our Heartsmart lesson this week, we thought about situations where we sometimes feel it is too hard or there is no way through. We then thought about ways we can overcome some of the difficulties. We learnt that being HeartSmart means knowing 'No Way Through' isn't True!' 'Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail. Love is eternal.' 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

During our Science lesson this week, we learnt more about our digestive system and in particular took a closer look at our Teeth. We learnt about the different teeth we have and their functions. We also compared the teeth of omnivore, herbivore and carnivore animals.

We have enjoyed learning more about volcanoes using video clips, Google street map and images of volcanoes from around the world. We drew a diagram of a volcano to help understand how a volcanic eruption occurs.

This week, year four have started their new unit – cricket. They were working on fielding skills and they mentioned the importance of keeping our focus on the game so that we can field effectively. We practised our throwing and catching from previous years and we worked hard on our technique – keeping our arm straight as we threw overarm like a bowler, brushing our ears with our arms and ensuring we bounced the ball whilst also aiming at the wicket. At the end we introduced a little bit of batting to reintroduce us to the features of a cricket bat and how to use it.

In our second PE lesson this week, we learnt about the rules of a rounders game and took part in one together. We really enjoyed this team event and supported each other brilliantly.

This week our music lesson included science. We were discussing the question – What is sound? We watched an informative (and also funny) video explaining that sound is caused by vibration. If an object vibrates, the air particles called molecules close to it vibrate. This makes the molecules next to them vibrate and so on, forming a sound wave. If the sound wave reaches our ears and our brains, then we hear the sound.

In our RE lesson this week, we have continued on our unit of the Church but we are now learning about different world faiths. This week's lesson was focused on Judaism. We learnt about the key features of Jewish churches as well as the role of a Rabbi. We watched informative videos and explored pictures of different churches. Throughout the lesson, we reflected on the similarities and differences between Jewish churches and Christian ones.

We have also reflected on the 80th anniversary of D Day with a two minute silence and time in class to thinking about difficult times in the past can help shape the future. Thank you for all of the D Day flags, they have made a wonderful display in the village.

We are looking forward to seeing you arrive on Monday in your theme day outfits. If you have any chopsticks that you would like to bring in on Monday, please bring them in in a named bag.

Maths.co.uk homework has been set.

We hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Miss Welch and Mrs Pointon

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