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Year 4 Weekly News 27.1.23

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Our week in Year 4 has had many highlights. We have showcased our work towards our Courageous Advocacy topic in our class worship, met with an GB Swimmer, and sung our hearts out in preparation for our Young Voices performance next week.

In English, we began the week by using four steps to help write accurate speech sentences. We looked for examples of speech sentences in a range of books, used prewritten examples and created our own. We then began planning our next writing piece. We followed the structure of a refugee narrative to plan our ideas. The children then began writing their piece using ideas from our shared write. We have been focusing on using emotive language, coordinating conjunctions and repetition within the first two paragraphs. We will continue to write these next week.

Our Maths learning has given us a next step to help multiply larger numbers. We were introduced to the new vocabulary of factors, and as this is a new concept, we practised finding factors of different numbers. Following on from this learning, we then learnt about multiplying three numbers. Starting with the numbers we found easiest and multiplying this again by the final number. We then learnt about answering correspondence problems. This involved finding out the total amounts of ways things can be matched together e.g. how many ways you can wear five tops with seven different pairs of shorts.

In our Reading lessons this week, we have been developing our reading comprehension skills. The focus this week has been on non fiction text – Habitats.

In Science, we continued to learn more about insulators and conductors by taking a closer look at how wires are made. In groups, we created a circuit to light a bulb with no wires. This challenged us to choose materials that conduct electricity.

Our My Happy Mind time gave us the opportunity to think about gratitude and appreciation. We shared examples of what we appreciate about ourselves, others and experiences. We thought carefully about a time in the day that we would reflect on this and share our thoughts with others. Our reflection tree has now evolved into a thankful tree, and we have taken time to be thankful during our school day.

Lauren Quigley's visit created such a buzz in the hall on Tuesday. As a class, we approached each sporting challenge with a fantastic attitude. We also listened carefully to the way Lauren showed resilience and determination during a special worship.

Our Google Slides presentations are really taking shape. We have learn how to input new text and make each slide look different by changing the layout, font and colours.

In our History lesson this week, we learnt about Henry's six wives. We learnt why he had so many and the reasons his marriages ended. The children were then asked to create an advert for Henry's ideal wife considering all of the elements that they knew worked well within his relationships.

During RE this week. We continued to explore the theme of salvation. We considered the part of the bible in which Christians believe Jesus gave his life for the world. The children recalled the parts of the Easter story that they could remember. Using videos, we extended this knowledge whilst also thinking of the elements of good and bad news within the Easter Story. Next, we looked at examples of art work depicting Jesus' crucifixion. The children choose one of the pictures and explained how they felt the image represented salvation.

We had some time this week to complete our big art activities. We hope that you have enjoyed seeing these appear on our class windows this week.

We have really enjoyed developing more of our musical skills within our Trumpet lessons this week. We have learnt how to play two notes C and D. We then applied these to short songs. Throughout our week, we have continued to practise our songs for our Youngvoices concert on Monday – you are all going to be amazing!

This week we have also been practising for our class worship. You delivered a fantastic message as well as celebrating some of the actions we have already put in place – creating a compliment box, designing wellbeing bingo boards, creating wellbeing goals jars for each classroom and much more.

This week's SPAG homework has now been set.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Welch and Mrs Pointon

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