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Year 4 News 4.11.22

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Our first week back has been full of fun.

Our English lessons have given us the opportunity to apply all our skills in our shared writing time. Using our toolkits and boxing up planning activities, we wrote our letters to describe a raid taking place. We are working hard to include fronted adverbials and questions within our writing. You should all be very proud of your work. Ready for next week, we have planned our own hot write focusing on a Viking battle.

Adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers is our main focus in Maths this week. Following last weeks learning on addition, we have been learning more about subtracting. Using the column method, we have been answering problems, and when these have errors, we can explain and justify with our new steps in learning. We have also learnt how to exchange when we are subtracting a higher value that what we have.

In our Reading lessons this week, we have been practising our reading aloud skills and enjoying our chosen reading books.

In our spelling lessons this week, we have been introduced to the prefix auto. We have focused on some words which use the prefix and know that ‘auto’ means about self.

In My Happy Mind, we worked together on a piece of happy breathing based on kindness. We thought about how to look after our brain and what happens if we don't look after it.We learnt that our brain can sometimes feel like a snow globe. One strategy to calm the snow globe feelings is to complete happy breathing exercises.

We have come to the end of our Geography unit. We reflected on all of our learning about the Americas, completed our maps and added new learning onto our assessment task.

In PSHE this week, we talked about why people choose to drink alcohol and what effects alcohol has. We read scenarios and decided whether drinking alcohol would affect the individual, their family and friends or the community. We decided that lots of the scenarios affected more than one group of people. We ended with a story that made us consider the effects of alcohol in more detail.

In our History lessons this week, we came to one of our final activities. We were focusing on the question: how should we remember the Vikings? The Vikings are famous for being farmers, travellers, settlers and successful. We came up with evidence to prove each of these. We then wanted to showcase everything we knew about the Vikings so far. We created our own visual organiser to celebrate this.

In our Art lessons this week, we have created our Viking shields. Following our designs, we used our pointillism technique to create our shields. Shortly, these will be added to our wonderful display. We also started to work on our studywork this week.

In our Music lesson this week, we were introduced to our YoungVoices work. The children listened to some of the songs, took part in the warm up and reflected on what they liked about this new work so far.

Maths.co.uk homework has been set for this week to consolidate our knowledge.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.
Miss Welch and Mrs Pointon

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