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Year 4 News 22.3.24

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Wow another week done. Where does the time go?

In Maths, we have begun our second unit on Fractions. Within the overview, we discovered than we will be learning how to add and subtract fractions and find fraction of amounts. We learnt how to add and subtract fractions when the denominators are the same. We have then been learning about adding to mixed number fractions and subtracting from them. We have used lots of visuals including fraction strips. We also learnt about using improper fractions to be able to subtract higher fractions. At the end of the week, we learnt about subtracting from whole numbers.

In Reading, we continued to read our Big Cat books. We have enjoyed enjoyed sharing some traditional fairytales linked to our writing tasks.

In our writing lessons this week, we edited our myth reports from last week to make sure they were accurate. We have then started a new unit inspired by the book ‘Lost Happy Endings’. So far, we have learnt that the book is about a little girl called Jub who scatters happy endings from her sack through the forest. But, in the story, the evil witch steals the sack. We have now been asked to write the witch a twisted narrative in order for her to return our happy endings. We are not impressed because she wants our stories to be sad and evil! We have written our own character poems this week based on Jud and have also been looking through the example text and trying to understand the language which has been used. We hope this will help us when we come to write our own! We also completed a spag assessment today.

Within our Geography unit, we recapped our learning to locate the River Volga, the Colorado River, the River Nile and the Amazon River. We then learnt all about new river vocabulary; source, mouth, and meander. We had great fun ordering the stages of the water cycle using an orienteering challenge. We located the control points on our school map, to then discover if we had ordered the steps correctly.

As part of Science Week, we were fortunate to have a session with Dr Wilmot. During our session, we learnt how our teeth have three jobs; to help us to eat, talk and smile. It was interesting to find out all about our different types of teeth, and how many teeth we have as a child, and as an adult. We really enjoyed looking at a variety of skulls. These skulls gave us a better understanding of how omnivores and carnivores have different types of teeth.At the end of the session we also asked Dr Wilmot about her role as a Dentist, her day to day job and how long it took to train to be a dentist. Thank you for this opportunity.

In our trumpet lesson this week, we have enjoyed practising our learnt songs. We are so skilled at producing all of the notes that we need. This week, we also focused on being able to play our own tunes based on the notes we know. We played a great game about what we had had for breakfast. We have also learnt another song for our repertoire.

During our Art lesson this week, we have learnt about traditional and contemporary artists. We have really enjoyed exploring the work of different artists, considering their styles and reflecting on their work. In our sketchbooks, we showcased the style of artists work.

We have completed our history unit this week. We have ended by thinking about everything we know about the Tudors in order to answer the question ‘Who were the Tudors?’ We can’t believe how much we know! We enjoyed celebrating this in a mind map in our books.

Our focus for RE this week has been on Peters denial. We role played how Peter denied knowing Jesus and thought about why he would have done this. We realised that Peter was probably afraid. We learnt that even though Peter denied knowing Jesus, Jesus wasn’t upset.

In computing this week, we have learnt about what data is and how we ca use it to answer questions. We were given data and asked to use it to find information. We then also collected some data. Using a great video, we gathered data on what coloured cars drove along a bypass.

In our second PE lesson this week, we took part in a fantastic orienteering activity based on the Tudors. We enjoyed testing our knowledge whilst also enjoying exerting some energy outside.

In our French lesson, we learnt how to ask politely for some items of food. First we recapped food names and looked at un/une food nouns. This showed us the masculine and feminine nouns. We then looked at: du meaning – some; de la – some and des – some. This helped us to identify singular and plural food items.

Maths.co.uk homework has been set for this week.

Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Welch and Mrs

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