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Happy Half Term Year 4!

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We have excelled as writers this week within our task to plan and write our Myth Narrative. We worked very hard to use extended noun phrases, conjunctions and possessive apostrophes. We have really enjoyed planning and writing each paragraph with such careful thought. Our monsters sounded very terrifying and we worked hard to build effect around the threat of our monsters!

In Maths, our lessons have been all about finding the perimeter of shapes. We used strategies to find the missing width or length, or the full perimeter if one width or length is given. We have also learnt about finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes when opposite sides are missing. At the end of the week, we learnt about finding the area of polygons.

During our Spelling lessons, we continued to look at the 'sion' ending when we added this to words like erode, explode and decide.

Our reading time gave us the opportunity to practise our reading aloud.

Within our Health and Safety week lesson, we learnt all about Asthma. We learnt about what medicines people need when they have asthma, how people help and what we can do if someone was to have an asthma attack. By the end of the lesson, we could explain what someone needs to remember if they have asthma. We also had a visit from PC Nick who reminded us of all the ways that we can stay safe whilst at home and out in the local community.

As scientists, we investigated which materials conduct electricity. We chose a variety of materials and tested what happened to the bulb when they were added to the circuit. We enjoyed talking about the items that conduct electricity including scissors, tin foil cases and metal disks..

In our computing lessons this week, we have learnt about repeated patterns and algorithms. We started by identifying patterns and showing how they are repeated. We have learnt how to programme our turtle to move using square brackets and a repeat code. We have been able to code squares of different sizes.

In our RE lessons this week, we have covered two lessons. Our first focus was on the qualities of a good king. Using extracts from 2 Samuel chapters 5-6, we began to think about whether or not David was a good King. We listed all of the qualities that we felt a good king would show.We then moved on to focus on Psalms. The Psalms had several different authors, but we focused on those written by David. In addition to being a great warrior and a man after God's own heart, David was a great musician and a prolific song-writer. We looked specifically at Psalm 23 and 91. We highlightedkey parts of the Psalm which we thought reflected thequalities of God. We then explored the art work of Hannah Dunnett. We enjoyed seeing how she had interpreted the Psalms into artwork. At the end of the lesson, we chose one of the Psalms and started to create our own artwork in a similar style.

This week's HeartSmart lesson saw us get all tied up! The focus of the lesson was to recognise that sometimes we need help from others. We had to work together as a team to untangle ourselves after we had joined hands with people in our circle. This proved tricky, but with good communication skills, we were able to unknot ourselves. This lesson links to the bible reference – 'As iron sharpens iron, so people can improve each other.' Proverbs 27:17

During our PE lesson this week, we have completed our final PE lesson. This week, Year 4 have completed a fantastic netball session and have shown off everything they have learnt this term. They were able to tell me about the different passes they have learned about, how to pivot on one foot when in possession of the ball and how to get into a space ready to receive a pass. They all had an opportunity to play a match at the end.

We have also had some additional time this week to complete our Art from last term and our DT evaluations from last week. We evaluated the effectiveness of our purse prototype.

No homework has been set for this week, but please check out our World Book Day craft activity which has been emailed home. If you child has outstanding homework, please encourage them to catch up over half term. We hope that you also enjoy time together as a family.

Have a wonderful half term.

Miss Welch and Mrs Pointon

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