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Year 3 weekly news- 24.3.23

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This week in Y3, we have been busy with sewing, swimming and science!

In maths this week, we completed our assessments, played daily ten, practised our times tables and focused on some word problems that had been tricking us.

At our swimming lesson, we were set the task of swimming 25 metres. The instructors were so impressed with you all. I was impressed with your swimming but also blown away by your supportive attitude to others who had achieved and conquered their nerves and fears. It was so lovely to see you all show such lovely character traits and friendship to each other. Next week is our last swimming lesson of Y3.

This week in English we focused really hard on doing our very best writing. We looked at each paragraph individually, first thinking about what we needed to write in our own by looking at our example text. Working from this, we shared, as a class, some phrases that might inspire us in our own writing. The children worked so hard on the paragraphs and have written some amazing diary entries. I have really enjoyed reading about their adventures into lost Egyptian tombs and finding mysterious objects that must be kept secret. Well done Year 3 on your fabulous writing!

In geography we continued our weather, climate and biomes unit this week by taking a look at the hottest, wettest places in the world. We looked at monsoons in Asia, and the rainforests of Congo and Amazon (using googlemaps!) and discussed what it might be like to live and to go to school in places like these. We also started to learn about the seven biomes including, desert, sub-tropical, rainforest and temperate – the biome that we live in, and what we will be looking more at next week!

In my happy mind this week we looked more at the Relate unit and learned about how important it is to have good relationships with other people. We thought about the character strengths; love and kindness, bravery and honesty, and discussed what we felt personally was what we look for in a friend. We know that it is good to celebrate our differences.

This week in HeartSmart we started a new unit called Don't hold on to what's wrong! In our first session we looked at the importance of forgiveness and forgiving people. We discussed how it's healthier to forgive people because if you don't it could pollute your heart and brain. Our bible reference was: Love does not count up wrongs that have been done. Corinthians 13:4-5

Science this week looked at what animals eat and why. We looked at lots of different animals and had to sort these out into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We learned that carnivores eat meat only, herbivores eat plants only and omnivores eat both! We also looked at what kind of food they might eat depending on the animal, as well as what the difference between predator and prey is.

In SPaG this week we focused on the prefixes un-, mis- and dis-. We looked at these in depth, and worked on learning that prefixes are added to the root word to make a new word, they can also be taken away. The three we looked at this time make a word negative.

In our design and technology this week, we needed gold thread and a needle to complete the running stitch detail of our Egyptian collars. You firstly cut made a template, cut it out, drew round it onto the felt with chalk and cut out your design. You then plotted where you wanted to see on your collar and off you went. You threaded your own needle and some of you knotted your thread too. I can't wait to see the finished collars!

Well done year 3!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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