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Year 3 Newsletter 31.3.23

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And just like that, our spring term in Y3 is complete! This week has been full of singing, sewing, map work and some swimming too!At swimming this week, you swam 25 metres again and it was great to finish our swimming lessons on a high! It was so lovely to hear you all cheering each other on. You have been absolutely brilliant to take swimming each week. You have got changed quickly, listened well, remembered all your belongings (a huge achievement!) had fun on a coach and most of all, achieved your personal goals. I have been so proud of each and every one of you.
In English this week, we focused on those achievements from swimming, considering what we have enjoyed, found tricky and achieved across the ten lessons. You also sketched a picture of your favourite part of your lessons which will form a study work page in your study work book.
This week in Science, we looked at skeletons! We learned about the human skeleton and the main bones that help to support and protect our body. We also looked at animal skeletons and what the similarities and differences are between them and ours. It was really interesting to learn that we are identified as vertebrates because our skeleton is on the inside, the same as most animals. However, there are some – insects mainly – that are called invertebrates because their skeletons are on the outside. We had a lot of fun making our own skeletons in our books.
This week was our last geography lesson on weather, climate and biomes and we focused on the biome that we live in – Temperate Deciduous Forest. We looked at the characteristics of this biome in comparison to others such as the Taiga Forest and the Tropical Rainforest biomes. We also considered what Flora and Fauna are native to our biome, we were surprised that otters and deer are found here as well as in other biomes. Some we weren't so surprised at like the Robin bird and oak trees.
Our DT lessons this week saw our collars coming together. You have now used running stitch to add your detail and then added beads, jewels and sequins to add the finishing touches.
Year 3, you were absolutely amazing in our Easter Service. You spoke beautifully and sang your hearts out! We are incredibly proud of all of you!

Have a wonderful, restful Easter break!

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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