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Year 3 News Round up 22.3.24

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We have transported our readers into lots of wonderful settings in English this week. In one of our tasks, we were asked to write about what the reader might see and how the reader might feel in our new setting description. You were all thrilled to share your ideas which had lots of wonderful word choices with alliteration. Well done Year 3.

In maths, we continued on with fractions this week, focusing on unit fractions, getting familiar with using a fraction wall and using the maths vocabulary numerator and denominator. We ordered fractions and thought about how fractions of a whole must be equal. Well done Y3.

The highlight of our week was definitely our Egyptian and Roman theme day! You all looked fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed our fun day! We learnt more about papyrus and hieroglyphs and then had the opportunity to make our own papyrus paper and wrote our names in hieroglyphs. This was lots of fun! We then used our new hieroglyphs knowledge to crack the code to find out more about Egyptian gods.

We learnt how to locate three deserts in Geography this week. We firstly looked at various photos from hot and cold deserts and then located the Sahara desert, the Gobi desert and the Kalhari desert using our school atlases and on Digimaps, our online mapping tool.

In PSHE, we covered two areas of learning this week. Firstly, we talked about how it is important to let go of our feelings once something has made us feel sad and upset. We learn how feelings when we forgive somebody. This links to theBible quote: Jesus answered, "I tell you, you must forgive him more than 7 times. You must forgive him even if he does wrong to you 70 times 7."Matthew 18:22. We also learnt about treating everyone as individuals. We read some descriptions of people and asked volunteers to draw a picture of what they might look like. We were blown away by your thoughtful answers demonstrating how much love and respect you have for each other. This links to 'Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.' 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

We welcomed PC Nick to talk to us about Road Safety. This gave us some important messages to help us stay safe whilst walking, cycling, and being in the car. We identified scenes that were safe and unsafe. Using various photos, we identified the hazards and also the signs and signage on the road to help us keep safe. All in all, PC Nick helped us to make smart choices whilst we are a pedestrian, a cyclist or as a passenger in a car.

In D&T, we started our sewing unit where we will create our own Egyptian collar. We looked at existing necklaces in the style of Egyptian jewellery and drawings of Egyptians wearing jewellery to help us in designing our own. We thought about what we liked and disliked to inform our own design. We are looking forward to creating our own designs in the next lesson.

You worked very hard in your music lesson. You drew your picture of the Egyptian goddess, Hathor. You used your crayons to add shadows where they were needed to create a 3D effect. This picture took pride of place on the handle of our sistrum. We even had time to thread the pipe cleaners through the top section ready to add our metal parts next week. We then enjoyed playing our sistrums to a piece of music called the Land of the Pharaohs.

We are already excited about our last week together before the Easter break.
Miss McCurrie and Mrs Pointon

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