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Y3 News 21.10.22

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Wow, I cannot believe your first half term in year 3 is finished!! You have all worked so hard and wowed me with how well you have settled into KS2 expectations.

In English this week, we have focused on study work and writing up our wonderful stories about being Lost in Pompeii. You also wrote your own story using a speech sandwich!

In maths, we have focused on adding and subtracting 3 digit and 2 digit numbers using the column method! You all blew me away with your determination to master this process! I am so impressed.

For black history month, we looked at Barack Obama and created a mind map of all his wonderful achievements. We then explored our achievements!

In computing, this week we explored coding and created a loop using code.

In history, you watched video which explored what happened during Boudicca’s rebellion in 60 CE and created some fantastic diary entries. You were imagining you were invited to join the rebellion by Boudicca herself. You explained how this made you feel.

This week you also had a special guests from All Star Boxing giving you a taster of some boxing skills.


Comment ça va?

Ça va bien, merci or ça ne va pas bien

In French you were exploring how to say how are you and the correct responses.

In our music lesson this week, we continued with our ukulele learning. We played string notes and open strings to ‘My dog has fleas.’ We self-assessed our ukulele skills to help us improve.

In RE, we explored how Christians view the 3 parts of the Holy Trinity. Then we created our own abstract design using Christian symbols such as a dove and candle to answer the question: how do Christian’s view God?

In DT, you created your moveable figure using spilt pins. You cut, shaped and constructed your very own Roman God or Goddess which moved! You used a smooth finish and used split pins to create joints.

Have a fantastic half term year 3! Enjoy your well deserved break!

Miss Holliwell

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