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Welcome to Y3 – News 8.9.23

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Welcome back to our new school year Year 3 and what a week it has been.

We settled in on Tuesday by getting to know each other better. You wrote all about you in our English lessons, letting me know your friends, family, what is important to you and what you like and don't like. These were lovely to read and I learnt lots about you all! We carried on the week in English by being detectives to lots of clues that had been left in the classroom. We had been given pictures of interesting things, like a bright star and a huge hole in the ground and lots of strange metal objects. You used your detective skills to think about what these were and you came up with fantastic ideassecret door handles, eye scanners, giants jewellery, secret gates, levers to special places, parts of rockets! You made lots of links to stories you had read before too! On Friday, you found out all the clues were from our new story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes! We also spent time recapping letter formation in our handwriting lessons and started on some familiar joins too.

In Maths this week, we started our new year off with a week of place value including numbers to 100. You used tens and ones to help you with your answers and investigating. We also worked with confidence to count in 100s and write your answers in numbers and words. I was so impressed with your partner work and focus Year 3. Well done. You have www.maths.co.uk homework set this week to consolidate your learning. You will find your new logins stuck in the front of your reading diaries.

Our afternoons were filled with lots of lovely art work this week! On Tuesday we learnt a little about the Romans and their army, in particular their shields and what they looked like and were made from. You then designed your own and made mini shields with different designs. What did you include on yours and can you remember what the symbols represented?

We were very excited to have brand new big sketch books this year. We decided to start our sketch books with an art sketch to represent you. You had to include your name and then the rest was up to you to show me all about you. I was so impressed with your art work that we invited year 6 to come and see them and you really enjoyed all the compliments that came your way from Year 6. They loved it so much they decided to have a go themselves next week!

During our PSHE lesson, we learnt about the positive things and negative things we can do. We enjoyed linking this to the positive and negative sides of a battery. We also explored a beautiful book called Kind to help us remember to show our kindness in lots of different ways including being patient with each other. This links to our quote this week, Be kind and loving to each other taken from Ephesians 4:32.

Our Geography lesson was packed full of singing, actions, exploring maps and great geographical vocabulary. Our new topic, Where on Earth are we? enabled us to learn about maps that show countries (political) and maps that show land (physical). We compared globes and maps and worked hard to find countries in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

To finish each day this week we have had a little game of compliment corner. A child is invited to the front and they hold up 5 fingers and then 5 people were chosen to give a compliment to the child at the front (choosing only 5 was a tricky job for me as there were so many children with hands up ready for their compliment). This was such a lovely moment each day as we heard that children in the class are kind, helpful, supportive, friendly, funny, play great gamesthe list goes on. I'm already looking forward to playing this again next week.

As I'm sure you'll agree, we really have been shining in Y3 this week. Jack was this week's lighthouse keeper, lighting our light to remind us of what we have been shining at this week and that God's light shines through each and every one of us.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Pointon

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