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Welcome back Year 3- 9.6.23

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Welcome back to our final term together in Year 3. We can't believe how quickly the time has flown by!

In English, we have continued working with the Iron Man story. We have started planning an explanation of how to trap the Iron Man! We have some amazing ideas already! We also practised using conjunctions this week. We began by sharing our super knowledge to create a word list. We then enjoyed extending our sentences to describe our Iron Man trap, and as a challenge we tried to use these at the beginning of sentences. We finished off the week by playing a game. We picked a sentence starter from a game board, marked it with a counter and created a sentence with it. We wrote the sentence in our books and then our partner did the same with a different starter. We continued until we had completed the board.

In Maths, we learnt about right angles and by doing so we could identify right angles in a variety of positions. We have also looked at the language surrounding 'lines'. We have learned parallel, perpendicular, horizontal, vertical, right angles and 90 degrees.

In spellings we continued the suffix -ian, which creates the sound 'shun'. We remembered that words that end in c just add -ian, if they end in cs, drop the s to add -ian. We also looked at the suffix -ion.

In RE, we enjoyed exploring the Muslim story titled Night of Power. Laylat Al Qadr, or the Night of Power, is the name given to the night when the Angel Jibril first appeared to Muhammad (pbuh) and began revealing the Qur'an. In groups, we ordered the key events, asked our own big questions, and created a role play scene. We then voted on what our class felt were the best descriptions of what a prophet is.

In computing, we have started practising our weather reports, on camera, in preparation for using the green screen next week.

In geography, we continued with our unit on coasts. We discussed some of the different economic activities that happen along the coasts of the UK and abroad. We discussed fishing, tourism, ferry services and leisure activities. We then looked at some pictures which showed the journey of fish. We had to order the pictures from catch through to consumption. We had some great ideas and lots of different viewpoints! Finally, we began our research into a given place. We had St Lucia, Cornwall, Scotland, Spain, Cairns & Great Barrier Reef and Blackpool. We were given information sheets and pictures about our place and we highlighted the information we thought was important. Our aim is to produce a leaflet to encourage people to come to our place. We thought about what our area could offer in the way of activities, places to stay, food, history, sightseeing etc. We will produce our leaflets next week.

We began our new music unit this week. Our focus for this half-term is, recognising sounds. Narrowing this down, the unit will allow us to look at how music helps us connect with the environment. We will be learning to sing – The Dragon Song. This was chosen via a blind vote. It won by rather a lot of votes! We really liked the upbeat sounds and how the story was very clear throughout the song.

In our PE lesson, we welcomed Harry, from Chance to Shine cricket. We practised throwing and catching with one and both hands. We looked at how to cup our hands into a U or V shape to help us catch the ball. Then we moved onto hitting the ball from a tee, trying to hit it straight towards our team. Well done Year 3!

Have a lovely week,

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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