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Year 2 weekly newsletter 17.5.24

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This week you have shined your lights very brightly and I am beaming with happiness and proudness with how hard you have worked.

In English this week, you finished your amazing letters off to persuade the king to not ban the dark. I am so amazed with the vocabulary, punctuation and grammar that you have included in these letters. Once we had finished and edited our letters, we were able to move on with our learning by reading the rest of our vehicle text ‘ The kind who banned the dark.’ You were so excited to finally find out what had happened at the end of the story. It was amazing to see that your letters had worked and that the king has actually stopped the ban because he missed fireworks far too much. You then moved onto looking at a banning narrative. We thought carefully about what all of the vocabulary meant and we then wrote our own sentences using this.

In maths you finished your fraction topic. Although you found this difficult, you were resilience all the way through and kept on going and building on your knowledge. You now know how to half, quarter and find a third of shapes and different amount. You have learnt about unit and non-unit fractions and how we can add these up to make a whole. I am so impressed!

Why is the synagogue important to Jewish people? In RE you learnt all about the synagogue and how it can be similar and different to a church. You learnt about what Jewish people do in the synagogue and the special features inside. You drew some beautiful pictures of the objects that we may find in a synagogue like the parochet, torah and the ark.

What do plants need to stay healthy? We looked back on our investigation of our plants and we realised that we hadn’t watered our healthy plant. We thought about how our plant has now changed and how it didn’t look healthy and longer. You compared this plant to the plant that had been in a cupboard. You realised that if a plant doesn’t get watered or has no light than it won’t stay healthy and will start to die and wilt. You drew some very detailed illustrations of your plants and the changes they had gone through. I think we all now know the importance of watering our plants and keeping them in the sunshine now.

In PE, you practised for sports day. We completed lots of different races and tried our best as we cheered our team mates on! We thought how we are the role models now in KS1 and how we have to set a good example for the younger children. We can’t wait to share our races with you Next Tuesday.

In art, you looked carefully at the architecture of tudor houses from different perspectives. You looked carefully at the materials the houses are made of and the patterns on each of the houses. You then were set a mission to become an architect yourself. As you got into small groups, you thought carefully about how you wanted to design your own tudor house and what features would you have. Are you going to have a jetty? How many windows are you going to have? What will be the shape of your house? These are all questions that you were asking in your groups. You then designed your own tudor house and picked the materials that you may need. Afterwards, you started to create your houses. These are going to look amazing when they are finished!

Well well well Y2, you have worked so hard on practicing your worship this week and learning your lines. You let your light shine so beautifully in our worship today as your shared our school vision and aims. You linked this vision back to the learning that we complete in class and we were so excited to share some of the amazing experiences we have had in Y2. I am so proud of your confidence of speaking in front all those people and over the last 2 years I have watched your confidence grow and grow. You lifted all of our spirits with your beautiful singing and wonderful actions! Well done team, you have started my weekend on a high!

Homework has been sent out.

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Haynes

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