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Year 2 Weekly News: 28.4.23

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FLASH! BANG! WHIZZ! KABOOM! The fantastic Year 2s are in the room!

This week in English, we read the book "Nat Fantastic" and then proceeded to create their own versions of the story. We employed various SPaG techniques and came up with our own unique storylines. Additionally, we utilised a model text to help structure our writing flow and enhance our creativity. These skills will be put to the test as we head into our hot write next week. 

This week in Maths, we revisited a number of concepts we have learned throughout the year. We spent time practicing telling the time to every 15 minutes and worked on our accuracy and fluency. Additionally, we focused on position and direction, learning new terminology such as quarter turn, half turn, clockwise, and anticlockwise. We then completed an arithmetic quiz, utilising all the methods we have learned to answer the questions. We also continued to develop our fluency on TT Rockstars, well done, team!

This week in Reading, we continued to work on developing our reading fluency in phonics. We practiced reading aloud with accuracy and speed, and we also focused on developing our comprehension skills. We looked at a range of past SATS reading papers and worked on answering questions that required us to use our inference skills to understand the text. Additionally, we learned about synonyms and how we can use similar words to enhance our word choice and express our ideas more effectively.

In RE this week, we continued to explore the big question of "What do symbols tell us about the Holy Trinity?" We started by looking at a variety of representations for the Holy Trinity, including artwork, icons, and religious symbols. Through our discussions, we deepened our understanding of the roles and significance of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. By the end of the week, we were able to create our own symbols to represent the Holy Trinity and demonstrate our understanding of the topic.

In P.E with the sports coaching group this week, we focused on improving our skills in net and ball games. We practiced various techniques such as passing, catching, and footwork to enhance our ability to play different games such as volleyball and basketball. It was a challenging and fun week, and everyone showed great determination and teamwork.

Great job on your computing this week! We continued to expand your coding knowledge by using event coding blocks to help your sprites move in different directions, including up, down, left, and right. You also put your skills to the test by building your own games using a range of sprites.

This week in art, we expanded our understanding of the pop art movement by exploring the techniques of artist Roy Lichtenstein. We discovered that pop art is characterised by its bold, vibrant style. To apply our learning, we created our own miniature pop art bubbles, focusing on the use of Ben Day dots to add texture and tone – an essential technique in comic book printing. Take a look at some of our examples!

This week in history, we explored our new big question about why Queen Elizabeth II was a real-life superhero. We began by examining timelines and identifying where Queen Elizabeth's life would fit in one. We discovered that she has reigned for an impressive 70 years and also considered the line of succession for the royal family. We learned about the current and future kings in the line of succession. Well done, team.

In our Happy Mind sessions, we continued to work on the Engage unit. We focused on setting new goals and understanding that setting achievable goals can lead to more success in our lives.

Have a brilliant long weekend,

Mr Dale

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