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Year 2 Weekly News: 27.1.23

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Another week has flown by in Year 2. This week we've been archers, awesome algorithm programmers and learnt about all things Stone Age. 

In English, we completed our T4W unit on defeating the monster. We planned our stories through adding new characters, settings and plots. It was fantastic to see your beautiful handwriting and amazing adjectives along the way in your writing this week. Everyone thought about their punctuation and word choices. A fantastic effort, team!

Our handwriting this week saw us focus upon sun letters and capital letters. We know not to join capital letters. You were so neat throughout the week.

In reading, we changed our challenge books and continued with phonics and steps to read. We completed a range of comprehension texts this week. We also invited Heidi's mum as our mystery reader this week. Oi Frog was a great choice of book and we loved listening, thank you! 

In Maths, we began a short unit on statistics. We looked at tally charts and pictograms this week. We had plenty of practical practise as we created our own charts and results. We learnt about crossing the gate and how within pictograms, pictures can represent different numbers. Well done, team. We also continued to improve our fluency questions. We answered a range throughout the week and all did fantastically well on Friday, where we showed off our skills during a mini quiz.  

During our third MyHappyMind session, we continued to look at our new focus all about "Appreciate". We completed happy breathing exercises and explored how we can appreciate ourselves as well as others. We thought about experiences and how we can learn to appreciate everyday experiences. 

During Heartsmart this week, our focus was a top secret mission. We have now become super secret kindness agents. Whenever we do something kind, we secretly write it down and put it in the kindness box. We will read these at the end of the day. Your giving should be done in secret. Your Father can see what is done in secret, and he will reward you. Matthew 6:4

In R.E this week, we continued to answer our new BIG question all about salvation and how stories in the bible link to this. We recapped our learning from last week by looking closely at the story of Jesus Calms the Storm. We then moved on to another bible story in which Jesus demonstrates salvation. The quote we looked at was "Salvation has come to this house today" from the Zacchaeus story. We role played and thought about how the role of forgiveness plays a vital role in a Christians' life.

In French this week, we continued practising counting to 10. We are getting so quick and this week used a song to help us all count at the same speed and time. Well done!

In Computing, we completed lesson six of our coding journeys. We used Star Wars sprites to build algorithms that included loops. These loops helped limit the amount of code we used. This made our code more efficient. Well done, team!

In History, we continued our new unit all about farming. We recapped the first farmers and the tools they used. From this, we were shown a picture of an example of a first farm. We thought about the similarities and differences of the farm. We saw thatched roofs, dirt roads and stone pens for animals. Great investigating, team!

Hands, Feet and Heart was the song title of our song this week in music. The lyrics made us think about music being part of our soul, how it can make us happy, and how it can make us want to dance.

In Art, we spent time thinking about our clay chickens and evaluated our designs and creations. We also began to build our study work page. They are looking great so far!

During Forest School this week, we built our very own farms. We thought carefully about the different zones and sections of a farm. We used the natural resources of the forest school area to create our farms in teams. We finished by becoming archers. We practised our skills and some of us even scored a perfect 10!

Year 2, each week you surprise me in our music lessons. This week, you listened to a new song entitled – 'All Around the World.' This song made a lot of you feel happy, calm or relaxed. You learnt what texture means in music. You could identify the texture of the song due to there being two people singing, and how the second vocalist began singing before the first vocalist had finished singing each line; therefore creating an echo.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mr Dale

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