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Year 2 weekly news 22.09.23

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This week you have been story writers, bible explorers and historians.

In English this week, you planned your very own river stories that follow the circular approach. You then worked really hard writing your stories using your plans and the resources in the room. Each day you edit the paragraph that you wrote the day before so that you can up-level and correct you work. I am looking forward to finishing these stories off with you this week!

In phonics you have continued to build upon your fluency skills and revisit your sounds. I am really proud to see those of you who are working hard on their reading at home too.

In maths this week, I have been so proud of the skills that you have learnt. You have been continuing to build upon your knowledge of place value to 100. You have been able to partition the numbers into 10s and ones, compare different numbers using your greater than and less than symbols and you have also been looking at where you place different numbers on a number line.

Can you change the shape of a solid object? This week you investigated if you could change the shape of solid objects by twisting, stretching or squashing it. You predicted which object you could do all three to and then you enjoyed testing out lots of different materials.

How do people see you and how would they describe you? In heart smart you thought carefully about how you have the power to change the way people can see you. You wrote down all of the words that people would you describe you as.

In history you discovered old and new teddy bears and dolls. You understood that teddies used to be made out of mohair and stuffed with wood shavings and dolls used to be made out of China or clay. You couldn’t believe how much they both have changed. You were fantastic at comparing them both and looking at the similarities and differences.

In computing you learnt more about information technology and different examples of information technology around school. In this week’s lesson you built upon last week’s learning by focusing on the purpose of different IT.

In music with Miss Holland, you had the glockenspiels out for the first time and you were absolutely fantastic at listening to instructions and using this musical instrument.

Did you know inside the bible there are 66 books and inside each book are lots of stories? You learnt that the bible was split into the Old Testament and New Testament. You then wrote about your very own favourite stories and put this inside the RE class scrap book. We then created a display on all of the books in the bible. You are really enjoying exploring the bible at the moment!

Maths homework was put in the children’s bag on Friday for this week. All books have been changed too.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend superstars and I will see you on Monday!

Miss Haynes

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