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Year 2 Weekly News: 17.3.23

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Another busy week has flown by in Year 2...

During our reading this week, we continued to build upon our inference skills. Inference involves using our background knowledge and clues from the text to make predictions or draw conclusions about what is not explicitly stated. We used pictures as a tool to practise our inference skills and answer a range of questions, such as what characters might be thinking or feeling in a given situation. Additionally, we also took part in phonics activities to strengthen our reading skills and also completed reading assessments. A huge well done to you all!

During our Maths this week, we continued to explore the concept of fractions. We built upon our prior knowledge of halves and quarters and extended our understanding to include three-quarters. We learned how to find three-quarters of an amount using different strategies such as repeated addition, multiplication, and division. Additionally, we completed a series of fluency questions to further develop our number knowledge and arithmetic skills.

During our English this week, we focused on writing instructions about the Koma Koma app, which we used for Science Week. We wrote step-by-step instructions on how to use the stop motion animation app, specifically tailored for Year 1. To make our instructions clear and concise, we included adverbs to describe how to perform each step, and time words to indicate the order in which to complete each step. Well done, team!

During our happy mind session this week, we continued with the "Relate" module. We discussed how we relate differently to different people and how our character strengths can help us to relate in positive ways. Through this conversation, we explored how our unique set of character strengths can assist us in creating stronger connections with the people around us.

During our R.E lesson this week, we continued with the Resurrection unit. We recapped the Easter story and used role-play to act out the key parts. Through this activity, we narrated, acted, and evaluated each other's performances, gaining a deeper understanding of the timeline of the story. This understanding will be helpful as we answer the big question that we will explore next week.

During this week's Science, we continued learning about living things, including animals. The focus was on food chains and how they function in nature, with an emphasis on producers and consumers. We played games and created food chains in various habitats to better understand these concepts. In addition to this, we also participated in Science Week, which had the theme of connections. We were fortunate to have Mr. Ravenscroft come in to teach us all about using stop motion to create our own growing plants, and we used the Pic Collage app to label a dissected tulip. Thank you!

Tempo was this week's learning in our music lesson. Using our tempo chart, we chose two speeds to demonstrate to our partner. Outside, we used our bodies to show these speeds. Quite a lot of us showed presto, which means very quickly. A few of us showed largo, which means very slowly.

During our HeartSmart lesson this week, we continued with the "Don't hold onto things" module. The lesson focused on how holding onto worries can weigh us down, affecting our overall well-being. We also discussed the importance of forgiveness and how a genuine apology is essential for healing and moving forward. Through this lesson, we gained a deeper understanding of how letting go of negative emotions and forgiving others can lead to more positive and fulfilling relationships.

During our Geography lesson this week, we continued to develop our atlas and map skills. We focused specifically on the countries within the United Kingdom and continued to practise our song. Additionally, we learned a new song that helped us memorise the seven continents. We then used our atlases to locate each continent and identify key features such as landmarks, bodies of water, and mountain ranges.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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