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Year 2 weekly news 17.11.23

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This week we have enjoyed writing our setting narratives, creating feely drawings in forest school and creating weather forecasts in geography.

In English, your focus on "The Night Gardener" progressed as you embarked on crafting a setting narrative. Beginning with detailed planning, you skillfully translated your ideas into the opening paragraphs of your narrative. Your vivid descriptions painted the picture of a summer sky and a majestic hot air balloon, capturing the essence of the story. It was a pleasure to have Miss Holliwell join the class for one of your engaging English lessons. Keep up the excellent work as you continue to explore the magical world of storytelling.

In our math sessions, the focus remained on addition and subtraction. This week, you delved into the intricacies of subtracting two-digit numbers from another two-digit number, particularly when crossing 10. Recognising the challenge, we dedicated the entire week to exploring various strategies for mastering these subtractions. Additionally, you showcased your multiplication abilities in the TT Rockstars tournament, tackling questions on the 5X, 10X, and 2X tables. It's a remarkable achievement to secure the 11,000th spot out of 30,000 schools. Congratulations, team, on this outstanding accomplishment!

Our geography exploration led us to the realm of weather forecasts this week. Drawing inspiration from televised forecasts, you delved into creating your own weather predictions in collaborative groups. Your ability to articulate the upcoming weather conditions and provide clothing recommendations was impressive. The class was thrilled to broadcast our very own Wybunbury weather forecasts, marking a delightful and educational activity for all.

In our latest forest school adventure, you embraced sensory exploration by learning the art of creating feely drawings. Guided by Mr. Hadfield, you carefully felt leaves and twigs behind your back, allowing you to capture every intricate detail in your subsequent drawings. The results were truly fantastic. Moreover, you extended your creativity by constructing diverse animal habitats, featuring mini-beast hotels, a farm, and an owl hole. Each creation showcased your imagination and hands-on skills wonderfully.

In design and technology, you engaged in a thoughtful evaluation of your teddy bears. Considering your initial designs, you reflected on whether the final creations matched your expectations. Expressing your preferences, you articulated what you liked about your teddies, identified potential additions, and suggested changes. This insightful evaluation process showcases your critical thinking and design awareness.

During anti-bullying week, you actively participated in a meaningful activity centred around kindness. Dressed in your own clothes to support Children in Need, you engaged in a reflective exercise. Beginning with a love heart, each unkind remark led to crumpling the heart. Following this, you explored the process of making amends, apologizing to the heart. This impactful activity conveyed the lasting effects of unkindness, reinforcing the importance of kindness and empathy.

In computing, you completed an activity which showed the importance of online safety. You looked at different scenarios that you could come across and you thought about what you should do in each one. We created some rules together about how to be safe online! I was so impressed with what you knew already.

In RE this week, you delved deeper into the Christmas story. Exploring various paintings depicting the angel's visit to Mary, you engaged in a creative activity by crafting speech bubbles for both Mary and the angel. Investigating how the news spread rapidly to the kings and shepherds, you embarked on a news trail, distinguishing between good and bad news. This led to insightful discussions on how quickly news can spread.

Throughout the week you have also taken part in worship and nativity practices. We are so excited to share our worship with you next Friday.

Homework has been emailed out! Have a fantastic and restful weekend.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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