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Year 2 weekly news 15.3.24

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What an amazing week we have had. We ended it on such a high when we performed our worship to the school and to our parents. You told everyone about how you have been spreading kindness in the classroom, in our school and to our community as well. You spoke so beautifully and confidently and your singing was fantastic! You left me feeling very proud as I know how hard you have worked on this worship and how excited you were to share it.

In maths this week, you finished your topic of multiplication and division with a quiz on Kahoot. You were very excited to use the ipads so that you could digitally answer questions on multiplication and division. Throughout the week, you moved to measurement on length and height. You have recapped what cm means and how to measure with a ruler. You were very excited when you were set the challenge to measure things around the classroom using a ruler. It was a competition to see who could find something that was 30cm long, the same size as your ruler.

In English, you finished writing your return narratives off. You went on many adventures to different islands with your Grandad. Some of these islands were deserts, rainforest and even grasslands. You linked your science learning of habitats perfectly with this piece of writing. You focused on writing a paragraph a day and thinking about how each paragraph moves the story on. You used ly adverbs, expanded noun phrase, speech and even commas amazingly. These stories were just a delight to read!

This week we have been scientists, geographers and even farmers.

This week was science week and my goodness Y2 you were very lucky to have so many experiences. You had a very special visitor who came in first which was Doctor Samuel. Mrs Samuels taught us how to stay healthy. We thought about the meaning of a Pillar and that it is used to hold one thing up. You then learnt what the pillars of health are – exercise, sleeping, good variety of diet, the mind and your brain – being calm, feelings and how to cope with them, hydration – drink lots of water, medicines, healthy teeth. You then went on to enjoy a PowerPoint on different pillars of health. At the end of the session, you even got to look inside Doctor Samuel's doctor bag which has stethoscopes for babies and adults. You used them on each other to listen to each other's heartbeats. As this linked directly to our science learning of 'What do humans need to do to stay healthy'? You then wrote about the five pillars of health in your science books and that humans need water, air and food to survive. A huge thank you to Mrs Samuels for coming in to teach us about being a doctor. We loved asking you questions!

Our second science experience linked directly to our topic as we got to learn what it is like to be a farmer for the day! This was an online experience by NFU eduction. You got to meet farmer Fiona to learn how she cares for her sheep, cows and pigs at each stage of their lives.

You met all of the babies at the farm and compared them to their parents before feeding everybody and making sure they all have somewhere comfortable to sleep. Then you headed out to the field to find out how Farmer Fiona grows all her animals' food. You even got to meet engineer Sam who was able to fix the tractor for us. You got to ask questions and answer questions during this very interactive experience. It even inspired some of you to want to be a farmer in the future! The baby lambs were definitely Miss Haynes' favourite.

In geography, you learnt that Mrs Macdonald had an arable farm and she grew crops on her farm. You sang old Mcondald had a farm and changed the lyrics to suit what Mrs Mcdonald had on her farm. You then learnt where some of these crops grow and whether they are above, on or below the ground. We then researched what crops grow in our local area and that at cheerbrook farm shop you can buy fresh crops.

In computing, you carried on with your data handling topic and you learnt what a pictogram was. You then created your own pictograms online whilst collecting data for 'Everyone's favourite pet' and 'Everyone's favourite colour'. You loved finding out all of this information and putting it into a pictogram. We then built upon our learning by answering some questions.

In RE, you learnt about the paschal candle and all of the different symbols that you find on the pascal candle. You wrote some lovely answers in your RE books about what each symbol represented.

In Art you completed your topic by creating an expressive painting of 'The poppy field' by Van Gough. You thought carefully about how you could use impasto to create thick lines. You also focused on using upward paint strokes to show that the grass was growing and sideward strokes for your sky to show the clouds moving. Finally, you applied your poppies using cotton buds. These looked beautiful and you enjoyed creating your own paintings!

In PE, this week you had an orienteering task which had a focus around spellings. You were brilliant at working in your teams and reading the maps! You also did hockey with James in your kick session.

WOW what a busy week you have all had team. I hope you have a very restful weekend.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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