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Year 2 News: 31.3.23

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Our last week of spring term has whizzed by and I couldn't be more proud of each and every one of you...

In English, we covered a variety of SPaG devices this week. We started by reviewing the rules for using apostrophes, and then we moved on to practising a range of SPAG questions. One of the topics we focused on was the past tense. We learned how to add "ing" and "ed" to verbs to change them to the past tense. Great job!

During Maths, we explored the properties of shapes. We began by reviewing both 2D and 3D shapes and their characteristics. We then delved deeper into the topic by learning about edges, vertices, and faces. Alongside this, we tackled a range of arithmetic and reasoning questions to test our knowledge and understanding. Great job!

During our reading this week, we focused on enhancing our inference skills. We used pictures to practise making deductions and drawing conclusions. Additionally, we worked collaboratively in teams to analyse old SAT papers and answer a range of comprehension questions. Well done!

In P.E, we focused on enhancing our net and wall game skills. In addition, we had our final cricket session with Harry, where we had a fun and competitive cricket match. It was a great opportunity for us to apply the techniques and tactics that we have been learning throughout the past few weeks. Well done!

During our computing lesson, we continued to expand our understanding of loops. We began with an unplugged activity, where we coded other students to perform loop actions. Following that, we delved into a lesson on Code Studio, where we utilised our knowledge of loops to write code. It was impressive to see the range of coding skills on display! Well done. 

This week, we also accomplished a lot of study work. We put the finishing touches on our geography page, where we showcased our understanding of villages, towns, and cities. Additionally, we completed our design technology page, which showcased our knowledge and skills from our vegetable soup unit. It was a fantastic effort from everyone involved. Great job!

To conclude our music for this half-term, we completed our music quiz. Listening was the main focus for answering the questions. Well done for staying focused year 2! 

During R.E we wrapped up our assessment piece by creating artwork that demonstrated the significance of Easter. We utilised a variety of media to produce some amazing pieces of art, inspired by the holy days leading up to Easter. By doing this, we gained a greater understanding of why Easter is important to Christians. Well done to all!

During our Heartsmart lesson, we focused on the topic of "Don't Hold On to What's Wrong!" We discussed who we turn to when we are upset and need support. We also reflected on the places and things that bring us joy and make us happy. It was a valuable exercise in recognising the importance of seeking help and focusing on the positive aspects of our lives. Well done! 

In DT, we finished cooking our vegetable soup on Wednesday. Following that, we spent time evaluating our knowledge of both the bridge and claw cut techniques and explaining our understanding of them. It was a great effort from everyone involved, and we learned a lot throughout the process. Well done!

I hope you all have a brilliant Easter break,

Mr Dale

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