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Year 2 news 10.11.23

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You have been artists in forest school, story analysers and weather reporters all in one week.

In English, our focus remained on the captivating narrative of the Night Gardener. This week, you delved into descriptive writing by crafting short setting descriptions inspired by the vivid illustrations in the story. Your use of expanded noun phrases, similes, and adjectives with the suffixes 'ful' and 'less' added rich detail to your writing. We took a closer look at the author's techniques, analysing the narrative's features collectively during our insightful group discussions. Keep up the fantastic work in bringing the Night Gardener's world to life through your words!

In phonics you have been continuing to revisit your sounds. In our steps to read group you have been focusing on the story of 'Our world' where you had to use your comprehension skills to answer the anchor questions. I know you have enjoyed starting steps to read!

In our mathematical journey, you tackled addition and subtraction with the aid of base ten blocks, strategically adding the tens and ones. The utilization of tools such as the 100 square grid and number lines further enhanced your grasp of these operations. This approach not only reinforces your understanding of column addition and subtraction but also equips you with a diverse set of methods.

Becoming weather reporters, you dived into the fascinating world of meteorology. Exploring satellite images taken from space, you recognized the unique perspective they offer, showcasing weather patterns from above. Unravelling the mystery of weather symbols, you discerned their symbolic representations of ground-level weather conditions. Venturing outside, your artistic talents captured the swiftly changing weather--rain, clouds, sun, and even a rainbow--all within minutes. What an exciting hands-on exploration of the elements!

Embarking on an autumnal adventure, you scoured the forest for seasonal treasures. Three carefully selected items became the subjects of your artistic expression through continuous line drawings, a challenging yet rewarding technique. Crafting imaginative hedgehog homes for Spike showcased your creativity. The session concluded on a delightful note, with marshmallow roasting over the crackling fire, fostering both artistic exploration and a cozy forest experience. Well done!

In the realm of design and technology, your teddy bear sewing project reached a triumphant finale. With meticulous care, you added plush stuffing to bring your creations to life. The moment arrived to infuse personality and charm into your bears through decoration. Bows, googly eyes, and the stroke of a pen transformed each bear into a unique masterpiece. I know you are all feeling very proud of yourselves, which you should.

In RE, your exploration of the Christmas story took an insightful turn. The central query of "Why was the birth of Jesus good news?" guided your journey. Engaging in a thoughtful role play, you immersed yourselves in the moment when the angel descended to deliver the news of Mary expecting a baby. This experiential learning allowed you to empathize with Mary's emotions. Further, you translated your reflections into a series of questions addressed to both Mary and the angel, enhancing your understanding of this sacred narrative.

In our well-being activity, you took a moment to reflect on your personal interests and the activities that bring joy during your leisure time. Keep embracing the things that make you happy and bring a sense of purpose to your lives!

Homework has been emailed out and your worship words have been given to you. Please keep practicing these.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Haynes

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