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Year 1 weekly newsletter 14.07.23

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Our penultimate week has been a busy one as we've finished some of our learning and topics off.

In English this week you started planning your very own 'Secrets of Black Rock.' However, you have all changed the name of your rocks and we have all different kinds like Scary Rock, Gigantic Rock and even sharp Rock. By the end of the week, you started to write your stories taking a paragraph at a time. We will finish these off on Monday.

In Maths this week, you learnt about your place value of numbers to 100. You counted to 100, used tens and ones blocks to represent different numbers and you even started to add numbers to 100. 

In science this week, you learnt about the four seasons and the changes that happen during these seasons. We looked back on photos that we had taken during our time in school and we thought about what happened to the plants and trees. During your iPad session, you created a pic collage on four pictures of trees and you labelled the season on each picture. You then wrote a short sentence about what change could happen. 

In Geography this week, you explored three large cities which were Beijing, New York and Sydney. You pointed out where these places were on a map and which continent they were in. We found out that both Sydney and New York are right by the coast so that trade is easier. You watched a time lapse video on the three cities and played a city bingo to see what you could see. You then compared the cities to Wybunbury and wrote the similarities and differences. 

In your three PHSE lessons, you learnt about a boy called Jai and we focused on different parts of his life in each lesson. During the time Jai had a new child in his class, you learnt about how we can all be different to each other and how we all have our own individualities. When Jai had a new baby brother, we thought about how we can tell it's a boy and we learnt the scientific names to our private parts. You also learnt about the life cycle of a human and what different things we can do at each part of our lives. At the end of the story when Jai was upset because his parents were arguing, we learnt how all of our families are different to each other. 

We have also started to finish our study work books off. We are so proud of these and can't wait to take them home! 

You will find your child's reports in their bags. We hope you enjoy reading them with your child and celebrating their amazing phonics scores. I am so very proud of their achievements this year! 

See you on Monday for our last week, 

Miss Haynes 

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