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Year 1 weekly news 7.7.23

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This week you have been sport fanatics and superstar learners.

In our English lessons, we continued to focus on the story of "Secrets of Black Rock." We analyzed the writer's language, including punctuation, time adverbials, and adjectives. To improve our sentence structure, we acted as sentence doctors, correcting capital letter placement. These activities deepened our understanding of effective writing techniques.

In phonics you continued to develop your pace and fluency. You have focused on ready trickier words. We are so proud of how much progress you are showing.

In Maths, we continued our exploration of time. We expanded our knowledge by learning the twelve months of the year and the seven days of the week. Using a calendar, we practiced identifying specific dates and understanding the concept of before and after.

To strengthen our understanding of measuring and recording time, we engaged in a practical activity. Using an iPad timer, we timed ourselves while completing various activities, such as doing 25 star jumps. This hands-on approach added an element of fun to our learning.

In RE, we wrapped up our assessment on the topic of "What was Joseph's life like and how did God guide him through it?" We reflected on Joseph's journey and created visual representations to depict significant moments, such as receiving his multi-colored cloak, facing imprisonment, and ultimately forgiving his brothers. During our discussions, we highlighted how God played a pivotal role in Joseph's life, providing guidance and support at each crucial juncture. By recognizing these key aspects, we gained a deeper appreciation for Joseph's story and the profound impact of faith and divine intervention.

In Geography, we explored living in dry places by focusing on Mali. We learned about Timbuktu and villages in Mali, where buildings are made of dry mud. We discovered that people in Mali visit Timbuktu to read ancient scrolls. As part of our learning, we created our own scrolls about Mali and life in a dry place.

In Computing, we concluded our topic on discovering technology. This week, we shifted our focus to the importance of online safety. We learned essential safety practices, such as creating strong passwords, accessing child-friendly websites, and always having adult supervision while using technology.

To reinforce these principles, we engaged in a creative activity where we designed our own e-safety posters. The posters you created are fantastic and serve as valuable reminders of the key safety measures to follow when using technology.

In PHSE, you looked at your new topic of 'Fake is a mistake'. You thought about how you are all unique and amazing in your own ways and you don't need to pretend you are something that you are now. You created your own posters about yourself and wrote amazing facts about yourself around it. In your second lesson you created masks and thought about how sometimes people mask how they're feeling. You understood that it is always important to speak to people about how you feel.

During our highly anticipated sports day, the excitement was palpable as you eagerly participated in various races and activities. The morning was filled with thrilling moments, including the obstacle course, egg and spoon race, sprint, and bean bag toss. Your performance in each race was truly impressive, and I couldn't help but beam with pride at your enthusiasm and dedication.

I want to thank all the parents and families who joined us on this special occasion. Your presence and support, along with your cheers and encouragement, added to the wonderful atmosphere and made our sports day even more memorable.

It's been a very busy week with lots of fantastic learning opportunities. We enjoyed finishing our week with the summer lights festival. A huge thank you to the PTA for organising another brilliant event for school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Haynes

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