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Year 1 weekly news- 30.6.23

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In English, we continued our immersive journey into the captivating story of "Secrets of Black Rock." To enhance our understanding, we introduced a model text that served as a guide. Through this text, the children explored and grasped the meanings of various vocabulary words. They skillfully incorporated these new words into their own sentences, showcasing their growing linguistic abilities.

In Maths, we have been focusing on further developing our skills in reading and writing time. Specifically, we have been practicing reading time when it is at o'clock and half past. Through consistent practice and guidance, you have gained significant confidence in accurately telling time during these specific intervals. This achievement highlights your progress and growing mastery of time-telling skills. Well done!

This week has been assessment week and you have spent a lot of time completing your end of year quizzes on maths, reading and SPaG. I am so proud of the hard work and determination you have showed in completing all of the quizzes to your best ability. You are superstars!

In our Religious Education lessons, we have continued our exploration of the story of Joseph. During this time, we delved deeper into the meanings of important words such as guidance, forgiveness, and patience. Through our discussions, you developed a solid understanding of these concepts and their significance in Joseph's life. You recognized that God played a pivotal role in Joseph's journey, offering guidance and support throughout. One notable aspect was how God taught Joseph the power of forgiveness, enabling him to reconcile with his brothers.

In our Geography lessons, we delved into the fascinating topic of living in the rainforest. We started by exploring the question of what it's like to reside in such an environment. It was surprising to discover that there are people who actually live in the rainforest, often high up in trees to stay away from carnivorous animals on the forest floor. We specifically learned about the Awa tribe and their unique way of life in the rainforest, which differs greatly from our own.

To deepen our understanding, we engaged in an activity where we imagined ourselves visiting the rainforest. Using our creativity, we wrote a letter to someone we know, vividly describing our experiences and conveying what life in the rainforest is truly like. This activity allowed us to express our knowledge and perspective on this captivating ecosystem.

In our Science lessons, we explored the significance of plants and their role in our lives. We delved into the topic of edible plants, discovering which parts of the plant we commonly consume. It was intriguing to observe and analyze the different plant parts from which various vegetables grow. During our exploration, we made interesting observations, such as radishes being classified as root vegetables and lettuce being categorized as a leaf vegetable.

During our Computing lessons, we focused on the significance of keyboards in computer and iPads. We explored the reasons behind using keyboards as an input method for entering information. We then had the opportunity to practice our typing skills, which involved creating a self-portrait and writing about ourselves. While typing proved to be challenging, we were delighted to acquire a new skill. It was fulfilling to see our self-portraits taking shape on the screen as we honed our typing abilities.

You have really enjoyed practicing for sports day this week and you can't wait to share this with your families on Wednesday! You were all amazing at cheering each other on and not getting upset when you may have not won the race. I was so proud of you all!

Homework for this week has been sent out through email. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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