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Year 1 weekly news 23.9.22

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It may have only been a 4 day week but wow Y1 we have got through lots of learning in such a short space of time.

On Monday we found out that our naughty bus had made tracks all over our Y1 classroom. Next to the tracks was a message from our naughty bus which said ‘Please can you help me to be a good bus?’. We soon realised that our naughty bus was in need of help and needed us to show him how to be good. We set off with our naughty bus to try and find different ways of helping him to be a good bus. We then planned out ‘The good bus’ story and on Thursday and Friday we started to write our new story. Your imagination over took your writing as you started to change the opening of your story. I was so proud of how hard you had worked on your writing. We will finish these stories off next week.

Every morning as you come in you have a fine motor skill activity set up on your tables. These activities help to strengthen the muscles in your hand so you can develop neater handwriting and also write for longer too. You have been practicing your number formation, writing your whole name, picking up objects using tweezers, threading pasta onto string and using sewing skills.

In phonics, you have continued to learn your new sounds and develop your fluency in reading. Each day you read your book in your phonics groups and you are listened to by your phonics teacher. We are currently focusing on using ‘Fred in your head’ to segment and blends sounds so you can develop a quicker reading pace. I am also so impressed with all of your reading that you are doing at home. I am so proud to say that last week when I changed your books every person had read at home. Thank you to all of the parents for taking the time to listen to your child read at home as this really does help them to not only gain a love of reading but helps them to develop in so many different ways.

In maths we have continued to focus on our numbers to 10. This week you continued to compare numbers and then we used this learning to then order a set of 3/4 numbers. You found this quite difficult at first so we focused on doing this practically before we completed our work in our power maths books. To consolidate this learning, you were set some homework on this area of learning. At the end of the week you were introduced to ordinal numbers which you learnt was a number that showed a position e.g. first, second We had a bus set out in the hall where someone was our bus driver and had to tell the rest of the class which seat to sit on. Was it the 6th seatwas it the 7th seat or were you at the front of the bus on the first seat? We will continue to build upon this mathematical language during our maths starters next week.

Our afternoons have been super busy these past four days

In RE, we continued to look at our big question of ‘what do Christians believe God did?’ We focused on the creation story and how Christians believe that God is the creator. You thought about different creations you had made and how you felt after. Then you were asked to think about how you would feel if someone destroyed your creation? We then listened to ‘the creation story’ in the bible. We thought about how Christians believe God created the world that we live in. We looked around our school setting and discussed what we thought God had made (natural resources) and things that were made by humans (man made resources). You then built upon this learning by writing about what you thought God had made in the world and what you thought humans made. You came up with some brilliant ideas!

In history this week, we built upon our history of transport learning by looking at the invention of hot air balloons. You learnt that hot air balloons were the first air transport to be made which was invented by the Montgolfier brothers over 200 years ago. You then did some fact finding so you could create your very own fact files on the history of hot air balloons. You were amazing at learning and recalling the facts and understanding the sequencing of events. Did you know that the idea of hot air balloons came from the Montgolfier brothers throwing paper into a fire to which then made them realise that heat makes certain materials rise.

In computing this week, you built upon your learning of pic collage by creating a pic collage on old and new transport. You have got really confident at taking pictures, uploading them onto pic collage and adding text to your collages. Next week we will build upon this learning by focusing on changing text, adding colour and saving our pic collages.

This week you were introduced to happy mind which is a Cheshire East focus on helping the minds of young children. You learnt about your own mind and how you can help your own mind to grow healthy and positive. You learnt the acronym of H-A-P which stands for hippocampus, amygdala and pre-frontal cortex. We thought about what our brains look like and although we are all different on the outside our brains all look very similar. We found this learning very fascinating and can’t wait to learn more.

In music this week, we looked at finding the beat. Where do we hear beats? What do they sound like? Rain, a ticking clock, a pedestrian crossing and train wheels travelling along train tracks make a beat. We learnt how musicians can use something called a metronome to ensure they have a steady beat throughout their music.

Please see your PE news to see what you got up in your PE session with Mrs Jenkins. We were also happy to find out that we got a surprise sportscape session on Friday with Hayley whilst reception were down in church.

In forest school this week, Mr Hadfield focused on your science learning of seasons by creating an activity where you had to find some more early signs of Autumn in the forest school area. You then used these resources to create your very own autumn art with your partners. You used a wide range of leaves in different colours, acorns, berries and fruit. At the end of the session you built upon your fire skills by creating your very own fires using cotton balls, Vaseline and your flints. I am so impressed with how brave and willing you are to light your very own fires. You were super sensible and listened to all of the fire safety rules that Mr Hadfield told you. Well done team!

Over the week, you have attended lots of different worships. Our favourite worship this week was listening to the story of the ‘tower of Babel’ in Genesis 11:1-9. You thought about how if everyone listened to each other and worked together you could help to create something better. You thought about our school community and what you were thankful for. You wrote on a post it note what you were thankful for and came up with lovely ideas ‘I am thankful for all of the stories’ ‘I am thankful for all of the yummy food’ and ‘I am thankful for all the learning’. We then used your post it notes to build our very own tower of Wybunbury Delves. We also thought about how important it is to listen to our peers in class and to work as a team.

All of your homework has been sent out by email and I can’t wait to share it in class next week.

Well done for always making your light shine bright in school! You truly are Y1 superstars and Mrs VR, Meg and I are all very proud of you.

Have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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