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Year 1 news 21.5.23

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This week has been a busy week as we rehearsed for our class worship and delved deeper into our seaside topic by creating some fantastic pieces of art work and post cards. 

In our phonics sessions this week, we have focused on learning our additional sounds and pronunciations. We dedicated time to reviewing all the sounds we have learnt so far, ensuring they are fresh in our minds. Moreover, we have been dedicated to further enhancing our reading fluency. By practicing regularly, we are building confidence and becoming more proficient readers. Well done for your commitment and progress in phonics!

During our maths lessons this week, we wrapped up our multiplication topic by delving into the concept of doubling. You all did a fantastic job of mastering the skill of doubling within 10. Recognizing that doubling is essentially the same as multiplying by 2, you demonstrated a solid understanding of this mathematical relationship. Building on this foundation, we transitioned to our new topic of division. In contrast to multiplication, division focuses on sharing and making equal groups. We have begun exploring the process of creating equal groups and sharing quantities evenly among them.

In our art lessons this week, we reached an exciting milestone as you completed your final painting using the techniques and distinctive style of the artist Maud Lewis. Your artistic focus was on creating a captivating seaside painting. To begin, you skillfully painted the background, setting the stage for your artistic masterpiece. Adding depth and texture, you expertly crafted clouds out of tissue paper and incorporated crushed shells onto your beach, infusing your artwork with a touch of authenticity. The final touches truly brought your painting to life as you layered paint to depict the gentle waves in the water and the playful splashes on the rocks. The end result is nothing short of amazing , and I must say, your paintings look absolutely remarkable.

In our history lessons this week, we embarked on an exciting journey into the past to explore the fascinating history of seaside holidays. Transporting ourselves back a century, we discovered how people used to enjoy their vacations by the sea. You were amazed to learn that steam trains were the popular mode of travel, carrying holidaymakers to their destination. Additionally, you discovered that bathing machines played a significant role, providing a private space for individuals to change into their beach attire. It was intriguing to note that, in some instances, beaches were segregated by gender. The stark contrast between past and present seaside experiences captured your attention. To showcase your understanding, you wrote a truly captivating postcard, vividly describing your imaginary trip to the seaside a hundred years ago.

In our computing lessons this week, we delved into the fascinating world of technology. You embarked on a journey to discover what technology truly encompasses. To your surprise, you learnt that technology encompasses anything that has been created by humans to assist with various tasks. You were shocked by this as you thought only computers and iPads were technology.! To deepen your understanding, you engaged in an exciting classroom activity where you embarked on a technology hunt. You identified and labeled various items in the classroom that you recognized as examples of technology.

In RE this week, we shared our knowledge of the story of Pentecost by creating a series of freeze frames. We then thought carefully about the disciples and posed questions linked to the Holy Spirit. We came up with lots of thoughtful answers. 

We enjoyed learning more about plants in Science as we use our knowledge to think carefully about what each part of the plant does. We looked at examples of flowering plants and drew and labelled our own plants. 

Our PSHE time gave us the opportunity to think about a new topic Don't hold on to what is wrong. Using the bible quote, 'Foolish people don't care if they sin, but good people want to be forgiven,' Proverbs 14:9, and the story of Goldilocks, we talked about Goldilocks' actions and feelings and how baby bear felt. It was wonderful to hear all your responses linked to forgiveness. We were also able to link this to a time when we have forgiven someone and you gave lots of examples, well done Year 1!

We have spent this week preparing and rehearsing for our class worship that we shared with the school and parents on Friday. I was so impressed with how hard you had worked to learn your lines and say them so confidently. As I watched you share your courageous advocacy about the woodland trust, I couldn't help but think how much you have all grown up and matured over the year. We really enjoyed sharing our trip to the moss with everyone and the exciting news that we had achieved the platinum green tree award. Well done superstars, you made me very proud! 

You have had a very busy week with lots of different learning taking place. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in this sunshine.

See you on Monday, 

Miss Haynes

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