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Welcome back Y1- 10.06.23

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We have had a super summery start to this term. You have worked very hard this week by being instructional writers, cricketers and fruit and vegetable experts.

In our English lessons this week, we embarked on a creative and slightly revolting journey as we delved into the world of instructional writing. Our task was to box up the instructions for making a disgusting sandwich to be included in Mrs Grinling's recipe book. With great excitement, we meticulously planned our own revolting sandwich creations, carefully selecting the most revolting ingredients to tantalize the taste buds. The rest of the week was dedicated to bringing our revolting sandwiches to life on paper, as we crafted detailed and well-structured instructions. To make our writing even more effective, we focused on incorporating time adverbs and imperative verbs, ensuring that our instructions were clear and easy to follow. The results were nothing short of amazing, with each of us showcasing our exceptional writing skills. We can proudly say that our instructions were not only informative, but also written with flair and creativity. Well done to all for your fantastic efforts!

During our phonics sessions this week, we dedicated our time to reinforcing our knowledge and skills. We reviewed all the sounds we have learned so far, ensuring that they are firmly embedded in our phonics repertoire. Additionally, we began our new phonics groups, exploring new phonics concepts and engaging with exciting reading materials that correspond to our current phonics level. With great determination, we focused on developing our fluency in reading, aiming to read with increasing accuracy and speed.

In our maths lessons this week, we delved into the fascinating world of fractions. We began by exploring the concept of finding half of a shape and half of a given amount. Through engaging activities and hands-on experiences, we developed a solid understanding of how to divide something into two equal parts. Building upon this foundation, we ventured further into our exploration of fractions and embarked on the concept of quarters. We enthusiastically embraced a range of practical activities that allowed us to visualize and manipulate fractions, helping us grasp the idea of dividing something into four equal parts. I want to commend you all for your resilience and determination during this challenging learning journey. Fraction concepts can be tricky, but your perseverance and positive attitude have truly shone through.

In our design and technology lessons this week, we took our exploration of fruits and vegetables to new heights. We delved deeper into the world of these nutritious delights by identifying where they grow, expanding our knowledge and understanding. To truly immerse ourselves in this experience, we embarked on a taste-testing adventure. Each of you had the opportunity to sample a variety of fruits and vegetables, using adjectives to describe their appearance and taste. It was delightful to witness your willingness to try new foods and hear your honest opinions. Some of you discovered newfound favorites, while others bravely stepped out of your comfort zones. Building upon this sensory exploration, we transitioned to the next exciting phase of our project – designing our very own smoothies! Your creative minds were buzzing with ideas as you envisioned unique combinations of flavors and ingredients. I'm thrilled to announce that we will be bringing these designs to life in our upcoming lessons. Get ready to blend, mix, and taste the delicious results of your imaginative smoothie creations.

In our religious education lessons this week, we embarked on a fascinating journey into the religion of Judaism. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and insightful research, you delved deep into the key aspects of this rich and ancient faith. From learning about important traditions and beliefs to understanding the significance of symbols and practices, you absorbed a wealth of knowledge. To demonstrate your understanding and showcase your learning, you took on the role of creators and crafted your own booklets about Judaism. I must say, the results were truly outstanding! Your booklets captured the essence of Judaism, with well-organized sections, beautiful illustrations, and thorough explanations. It was evident that you put great effort into your research and that you remembered a remarkable amount of information

During our computing lessons this week, we revisited the topic of desktop computers and laptops, discussing their differences and recalling the various components of each. Your ability to recall and articulate this information was impressive. We then shifted our focus to developing mouse skills, which are essential for navigating digital environments. Using an app called Paintz, you had the opportunity to unleash your creativity by creating your own picture. This task proved to be quite challenging as it required mastering the skill of clicking and dragging the mouse simultaneously. However, your perseverance and determination shone through as you gradually improved your mouse control. Additionally, while waiting for your turn on the laptop, you practiced using the Paintz app on an iPad, discovering that the touch-screen interface made it easier to manipulate and create your artwork. It's wonderful to see you actively engaging with different devices and adapting your skills accordingly. Keep up the great work, and continue to explore the exciting world of computing!

We had an exciting introduction to the sport of cricket. It was an absolute pleasure to witness your enthusiasm and active participation throughout the session. We began by focusing on essential skills such as throwing and catching balls, emphasizing accuracy and distance. With each practice, you showed great improvement and determination. We also delved into the art of batting, where you learned proper stance and technique. It was fantastic to see you develop your hand-eye coordination and gain confidence in your ability to connect with the ball.

You have all worked really hard this week and have learnt lots. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the fig pie wake if you are going. Our homework was sent out yesterday we have just a phonics and reading focus for homework this week as I will be completing your phonics screening check next week. Our theme day has also moved forward to the 23rd March.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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