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Welcome back to the summer term Reception Class!

Despite the unpredictable weather, we've had an absolutely fantastic week diving into our new topic, the diverse world, with a special focus on growing plants. Let's take a moment to celebrate the wonderful learning experiences we've shared together:

Literacy Development: We began by exploring the concept of instructions, reading and following a set to plant seeds. After watching a fascinating time-lapse video of a seed growing, we made observational drawings and labelled the plant parts. In handwriting, we revisited around letters, curly letters, and zigzag letters, honing our skills with precision. In phonics, we've all progressed to working on set 2 sounds and are enjoying reading our new reading materials. Well done, Reception Class – you're all shining stars!

Mathematical Development: Our mathematical focus this week has been on adding by counting on. We've learned how to count from a given number in order, using 'first, then, and now' structures to identify our starting number and count on from there. Keep up the fantastic work, mathematicians!

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: In our well-being activities, we reflected on our favourite places in the world, sharing cherished memories from the Easter break. We engaged in a relaxation exercise, transforming ourselves from robots to jelly, from giraffes to mice, to help us unwind and find inner peace.

Communication and Language: Through the story 'Camille and the Sunflowers' by Laurence Anholt, we explored the emotions and feelings of the characters, delving into the meaning of new vocabulary.

Expressive Arts and Design: Inspired by the artist Vincent van Gogh, we admired some of his famous work, especially 'Sunflowers.' We unleashed our creativity by recreating our interpretations of his masterpieces, displaying them proudly in our vibrant art area. Additionally, our DT endeavours flourished as we crafted stands for our vases, creating stunning 3D art. Bravo!

Physical Development: Under Coach James's guidance, we engaged in team racing games, preparing for the upcoming sports day at the end of term. Through these activities, we learned the importance of taking turns and following the rules – essential skills for teamwork and sportsmanship.

Understanding the World: Exploring our garden area, we identified different types of plants – from flowers and bushes to small fruiting trees. We discussed the importance of caring for God's world and why plants are essential for life. Planting peas and beans in our class garden and preparing the allotment for planting a range of spring salad and vegetables marked the beginning of our journey as caretakers of nature.

Embarking on a new Questful RE journey, we discovered stories that Jesus heard as a child. Beginning with the familiar tale of Moses in the basket, we reflected on the ways we share love with our families and classmates.

Thank you, Reception Class, for a truly lovely week filled with curiosity, creativity, and growth. Wishing you all a restful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday for more adventures!

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