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Reception Class News 23/06/23

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We've had a fantastic week in Reception Class, and we wrapped it up with a thrilling 'Bugliest Bug' theme day! A heartfelt thank you to our amazing families for the incredible outfits everyone wore, it was a sight to behold!

In our mathematical learning, we delved into composing and decomposing shapes by exploring and understanding that a shape can contain other shapes within it. By honing our skills in describing, predicting, and proving our ideas, we delved into the attributes of shapes.

Engaging in hands-on activities, we skillfully combined different shapes to create magnificent butterflies, dinosaurs, flowers, and kites. Moving and rotating the shapes allowed us to craft these beautiful designs. Partner work also helped us enhance our shape language.

Turning our attention to Literacy, we embarked on an exciting adventure with our new storybook, "Caterpillar Butterfly" by Vivian French. We made predictions about the story by closely examining the front cover. Experiencing the life cycle of a butterfly through role-play brought joy and knowledge. We learned fascinating details about where butterflies prefer to lay their eggs.

Our class caterpillars have finally joined us, and we've been diligently caring for them. We have taken delight in observing their daily growth and movements. By Friday, they had tripled in size!
Throughout the week, we honed our writing skills by crafting numerous minibeast facts and information for a reader. We made sure our sentences made sense and used Fred talk to sound out words, improving our accuracy with words and sentences.

In our Personal, Social, and Emotional Development, we focused on the invaluable traits of perseverance and embracing challenges. We enthusiastically embraced individual challenges and celebrated each completed task, recognizing the perseverance demonstrated.
Boris reminds us, "If at first, you don't succeed, try again."
This message resonates with the Bible reference: "Endurance produces character and character produces hope" (Romans 5:4).

This week, due to the new starter sessions being hosted in our classroom for September's Reception Class, we had the exciting opportunity to explore the Year 1 classroom and meet our Year 1 teacher, Mr. Dale, . Here are some of our memorable experiences:

On Tuesday, we were captivated by the fascinating Giant African Land snails, learning about their nocturnal habits and marveling at the strength of their shells. Armed with our minibeast identification sheets, we ventured into the Year 1 garden, embarking on an exciting minibeast hunt. Our discoveries included ladybird pupae and centipedes, igniting our curiosity.

Additionally, we enjoyed extra PE sessions as part of National PE week. We had a blast experiencing hockey with Beth Cocks and engaging in PE activities led by Mr. Dale.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend Reception Class
Mrs Ward and the Reception Team, Mrs wainwright and Louise

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