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Reception Class News 21: 10: 22

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Reception Class, we have completed our first term, wow! These past weeks have flown by, we have worked incredibly hard and are definitely ready for a rest.
Let's share our learning from this past week...

Understanding the World Development

For our courageous advocacy project, we had asked our school community to support us in helping donate food to the Nantwich food bank. We have been delighted with the response and this week Ken came to collect all the donated food. Wearing our high visibility jackets,we helped to load all the food into bags and helped Ken to load his car. Ken was very appreciative and thanked us for our help.

As part of Black History Month, we have learnt about Marcus Rashford. We understand that Marcus joined his first football team when he was 5. When Marcus was young his family encountered difficulties, even though his mum worked, there were times when they relied on the food bank to help feed the family and Marcus received free school meals at school. During the Covid pandemic Marcus was concerned that children wouldn't receive the free lunches they were entitled to and campaigned to get support for those families in need. We think Marcus is a hero for helping and we hope our little contribution to the food bank will help other families like he did.

In our RE session, we began by finding a lost sheep in the classroom, getting warm and warmer until we found it. We thought about how we felt when we had found the lost sheep and how the sheep might be feeling when it was found. We listened to the parable of the lost sheep and considered why the shepherd left his 99 sheep to search for the lost 1. We understand that Jesus told the story to show the listeners at the time that God is like the shepherd and loves everyone.

Mathematical Development

This week our mathematical focus we have focused on the properties of 3D shapes through hands on exploration and play. First, we explored their common properties, what shapes we could recognise within the, how many sides, corners, whether they had curves and rolled or stacked.

Expressive Arts and Design Development

This week in music we started our session by listening to 'Our House' by Madness. We all really enjoyed this song and found that we couldn't help but dance along to it! Some of us had heard the song before, at home and on the radio.We talked about what instruments we could hear in the song, we heard drums, a guitar, a piano, a trumpet, maracas and a man singing.
Next,we practiced singing 'This Old Man' we have got really good at this now and love singing it with the actions.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Wellbeing

This week in my happy mind we made a brain! We talked about what we think our brains look like, we found out that they are a grey, pink colour and about the size of two fists put together.

Using clay to mould our own brain models, we rolled small pieces of clay into worms and worked them around a ball to create the different parts of our brains.
We talked about what jobs our brains help us with, including playing, eating, making choices and exercising.

This week in heart smart we are learning to work together to find hidden hearts around the classroom.At the start of the session,we talked about how at the end of our Boris the Robot story, Boris's heart was full because he felt loved by the family.Next,we went on a heart hunt around the classroom, there was a heart hidden somewhere for all of us. Once we had found a heart our job was to keep it safe, some of even helped our friends to find a heart also.

Boris says,"Our hearts are special and need to be looked after."
Bible link "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23

Literacy Development

In our literacy development we have continued with our daily Read Write Ink phonics sessions. This week we have practiced reading and writing the sounds: w,, z and x. For our writing activity we have continued to be sentence writers, completing sentences about Marcus Rashford as part of our learning about Black History month and our links to the foodbank.

Physical Development

We had a very special treat for our PE session this week, we were lucky enough to enjoy a great boxing session. We met Coach Ryan who told us about boxing. He showed us some of the equipment that we use, including boxing gloves, a boxing pad and a boxing noodle.
We started by warming up our bodies, we did this by doing some stretches and then we played a game of ice creams, we split into two teams and each had a cone with some balls inside, the balls were scoops of ice cream that we had to transport to the large bowl. We went one by one and had to run carefully without dropping any 'ice cream' we even had to go over a hurdle!
Next, we all got to wear a pair of boxing gloves, we practiced a jab, a back hand and a double jab, we even had a go at ducking in between jabs.
We learnt lots of different skills and had lots of fun.

We had a lovely finish to our week and term by listening to Patch the Pumpkin hero and his friends and how every Halloween he helps to shine God's light when he loves, helps and cares about others. It reminded us of how each day, the light and love of Jesus shines through each and everyone of us in our good deeds.

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand and it gives light to everyone in the house in the same way, let your light shine before others."

Matthew 5: 14-16

Have a lovey rest over half term
Mrs Ward and the Reception team, Mrs Wainwright and Louise

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