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Reception Class News 13/10/23

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Reception Class, we have nearly completed a term of learning.
How quickly has this time gone?

As always, it has been another busy week, let us share a little snapshot of it...

In our mathematical development we built upon last week's knowledge of comparing groups of identical objects to comparing groups of non-identical objects using the mathematical language of more, fewer and the same. Our focus was to draw out the misconception that objects must be the same to compare them. We further developed our counting skills in our afternoon mastery sessions, so that we could identify when a number could not be subitised. In addition, we connected counting cardinality, so that the last number in the count told us how many objects we had altogether. Super maths work this week Reception Class, we have some budding mathematicians.

We reread our example text of 'The Something' in our literacy development and looked at the four story friends: Opening Octopus, Build up Bear, Problem Penguin and Ending Elephant. This led us to sequence the story into four parts. In discussion time, we explored each part of the story and deepened our understanding of the story by answering some comprehension questions. Finally, we completed our own planning circles in preparation for writing our story in four parts next week.

For our creative arts and design development, we had a fun music lesson as we explored many different instruments, by looking at each of the instruments and seeing if we knew the name of them. We had tambourines, maracas, shakers, scrapers and lots more. We took it in turns as groups of ten to choose an instrument to play, we also chose a nursery rhyme to sing and play along to.

In our physical development, we completed the last of our sessions on invasion games, warming our bodies up by first playing the car game. We then played a collection of our favourite games from this unit: stuck in the mud, sharks and minnows and a number games, where we had to move at different speeds and then form a group of the correct number of children matched to the number card in a hoop.

It was lovely to see such a variety of outfits on wellbeing Monday, I think 'Strictly Come Dancing' might want a few of its sequins back though! As part of our personal, social and emotional development we thought about how we keep ourselves safe and why it is important to do so.

Whilst it has been a mixed week of weather, we have really enjoyed being out in the fresh air in our wonderful reception garden, getting it ready for the months ahead as part of our understanding the world development. It was lovely to have such enthusiastic gardeners weeding, and turning the soil over ready to plant a few winter veg.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Mrs Ward and Mrs Wainwright

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