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Reception Class News 12:05:23

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Another fabulous week Reception Class, you have packed an enormous amount of learning into another four day week again!
Let's share...

Mathematical Development:This week in our mathematical development, we have been focusing on subtraction. We started by learning a new count down song about a rocket. Then we learnt to count back from a given number, identifying the number we were counting back from and how many we were counting back using the first, then and now structure.

Literacy Development:In our literacy development, we explored 'The Extraordinary Gardener' by Sam Broughton. We were sent a mystery bag with a seed and a label saying 'just what I have been looking for.' which led us to discuss who might have sent it and why. After receiving a letter from Joe, the main character in the story, we got to ask him lots of questions and discussed him as a character using lots of describing words, otherwise known as adjectives. Throughout the week, we wrote some fantastic model and independent challenge sentences, using a capital letter to start, finger spaces between words, Fred talk to sound out words, and a full stop at the end. Well done Reception Class for shining your lights brightly in your writing this week!

Language and Communication Development: This week in our language and communication development we explored new vocabulary, including the words imagining, roamed, and soared from our storybook. We also thought of other similar words and tried to use them in sentences.

Understanding the World Development: In our understanding the world development, we continued to prepare the garden for planting our vegetable plant seedlings that we have nurtured from seeds. We considered the conditions that plants need to survive and thrive in and discovered some small oak tree saplings as we gardened. We discussed how they may have seeded themselves in our garden and planted some ripe acorns to hopefully grow more oak saplings.

Physical Development: In our physical development, we developed and practiced the skill of running efficiently and within a lane, making changes to body shape, position, and pace. We know how to stay focused on our own performance when running in a lane and how to sustain our form during a race. We also learned to dip for the finish and understood why it is important. During our warm-up, we played the bean game, and during our main session, we played the train game. Finally, during our game session, we had relay races.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: In our Heartsmart session we learned that being yourself is the best you can be. We looked at a range of different hats and took turns putting on one of the hats and creating a character to go with it. After discussing that pretending to be someone else is a lot of fun, we concluded that being yourself is the most fun because that is who you are meant to be. There has never been and never will be another one of you! Being you is the best you can be!
Boris says, "Being you is the best you can be!"
Bible link "God has chosen you and made you his holy people. He loves you." Colossians 3:12

Expressive Arts and Design Development:We began our music session by listening to My Promise by Earth Wind & Fire by Earth Wind &Fire, we learnt that Earth, Wind & Fire are an American band that started out in the 1970s. They are one of the most popular and successful bands of the 20th century and well-known for their stage shows which are full of energy.Next we played a rhythm game. clapping to the beat of some of the lines to our song, 'Big Bear Funk' this was a lot of fun.
Finally we used the glockenspiels to play the last verse of 'Big Bear Funk' putting it all together to perform at the end.Finally, we continued to use mixed media to create sunflower artwork in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Have a lovely weekend everyone
See you Monday
Mrs Ward and the Reception

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